OneSource Solutions for Staffing

Today, not only is data access critical, but the speed that staffing and recruiting firms gather and interpret information is equally important.

What’s more, for intelligent data usage to be useful, it’s vital you identify the right technology solutions and interpret information in meaningful ways.

Avention accesses and interprets this meaningful information from multiple data sources to help enhance your strategizing and decision making while improving your business IQ and competitiveness. Get in touch now to find out more.

OneSource Solutions Can Help You:

  • Increase operational efficiencies: The vast majority of staffing and recruiting firms use a combination of tools and sweat equity to fulfill their mission. We combine vast amounts of data with specialized, complementary internal processes to increase overall effectiveness.
  • Analyze industry/market trends: We’ll help you understand current industry/market conditions to evaluate new roles, title/level, functional responsibilities, etc. We’ll also determine compensation, benefits, etc. for a company by researching industry and competitors.
  • Identify growth opportunities: We’ll help you expand your use of analytics to identify new markets of opportunity. Use data and analysis to look for ‘hot’ industries and to predict where future potential skill gaps might occur.
  • Establish new relationships: Leverage information by searching public and private companies by size, industry, geography, financial and other criteria to profile and identify new clients.
  • Proactive recruiting and placement: Identify and evaluate potential candidates by searching industries, geographies, job titles and key words. You can then use this data to pinpoint hiring opportunities within the marketplace by comparing client needs with candidate availability.

Partnering with Avention helps you educate your clients on searches and become more targeted when recruiting. Taking a deep dive into data – along with context and analysis – drives value when positioning competencies to business decision-makers, hiring managers and candidates.