Maximize The Power of Your Marketing Data

Avention provides marketing departments of all sizes with improved data hygiene, in-depth analysis, targeted marketing lists, marketing segmentation and much more for increased marketing effectiveness.

Accurate business information is vital for any marketing department. These teams are under constant pressure to feed the pipeline with quality leads, but ever-tightening budgets require a sharper strategic focus on the best prospects.

Avention can help you increase lead effectiveness and save money with rich marketing data platforms and tools to support analytics, segmentation and demand generation.


of marketers don't have enough data on users to leverage effective segmentation.

– B2B Magazine Survey, 2012

Save Time and Money with More Complete and Accurate Data

The last thing you want to do is waste your marketing spend on inaccurate data. Avention’s global database collates the best records from more than 60 data partners to deliver richer company profiles (and we can use this same process to clean and enhance your own business information).

Our platform is also designed to dynamically inspect your data, then verify, update and enrich your records with the most accurate information available.

Guarantee the Relevance of Outbound Marketing

We provide deep company insight and reporting to give you a clearer picture of the activities that shape a business. Now you can easily analyze markets, get targeted marketing lists and focus on the strongest prospects.

Get the Most Current Data with Dynamic Demand Generation Queries

Avention gives you unique demand generation capabilities that update 24/7, so you always have the most current campaign lists. We pair this with sophisticated segmentation options that go beyond traditional information such as industry code, location and revenue to target by business behaviors and characteristics. Visit the DataVision page.

Responsible for Demand Generation? We Can Help You:

  • Generate highly targeted marketing lists
  • Augment data after inbound lead acquisition
  • Match lists for account-based marketing
  • Cleanse and standardize your data

Responsible for Marketing Operations? We Can Help You:

  • Keep your data clean
  • Map data to existing systems
  • Augment your customer data with analytics
  • Generate standard marketing reports

Responsible for Product Marketing? We Can Help You:

  • Analyze customers and markets
  • Obtain competitive intelligence
  • Size and optimize market position
  • Study a macro-sized market view
  • Understand which markets to enter or exit
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Review prior purchases