OneSource Solutions for Legal Firms

As a Legal professional, you know how important accurate and actionable information is to better monitor business activities to avoid potential conflicts, conduct risk assessments and gather corporate intelligence.

At Avention, we give you the information you need to win new clients and grow your practice – even in the most competitive environment. Get in touch now to find out more.

OneSource can help you:

  • Eliminate potential conflicts: Monitor, evaluate, and report on changes in corporate hierarchies and M&A activity that may create a conflict of interest for your firm.
  • Manage risks: Conduct risk assessments on new clients’ financial health, bankruptcy activity and credit information.
  • Receive real-time business updates: Track and maintain accurate industry and corporate data through real-time updates.
  • Monitor industry trends: Identify market trends, opportunities, and competitive developments that may impact clients.

We’ll help you gather actionable intelligence by delivering precise information when and how you need it. Information that can then be shared throughout your firm by quickly creating reports tailored to how you do business.