OneSource Solutions for Insurance Services

Insurance underwriting stands to gain the most from increased data agility and access. By pulling in unstructured public data and social media, and successfully leveraging this information, we can make an enormous difference in your underwriting process.

You can use this intelligence to gain insights, make informed decisions, drive innovation, make improvements, and better understand and assign risk – resulting in greater insurer profitability for you.

We provide the critical business information you need to evaluate risk, make the right decisions and respond to clients quickly. Get in touch now to find out more.

OneSource Solutions Can Help You:

  • Evaluate new submissions quickly and accurately: Use industry, business and executive information for accurate and effective risk selection and analysis.
  • Apply best practices: Maintain a consistent workflow and common business practices with standard data worksheets containing company financial information, executive details, industry information and other significant events.
  • Manage on-going risk: Monitor news stories, trade articles, SEC filings and analyst reports to understand developments that could affect your clients’ claim obligations longer term.
  • Leverage all your data: Automatically add critical industry and company information from Avention and other third-parties to your internal worksheets, assessments and workups.