Avention for Banks and Financial Services

Financial service firms and banks have to work harder than ever to succeed, but at Avention, Inc.SM we think working smarter is just as important.

We give you the tools and information you need – such as industry and market data, financial information, relevant news articles and more – so you can make the right decisions for your business. Get in touch now to find out more.

OneSource Solutions Can Help You:

  • Identify trends and segment markets: Customer segmentation is a key tool for sales, promotion, and marketing campaigns. Evaluate trends and market conditions to prioritize relationships, align channels, and develop targeted promotions and offers that yield high results.
  • Develop new relationships: Search public and private companies by size, industry, geography, financial and other criteria to identify and build lists of high-potential prospective clients.
  • Extend existing relationships: Win instant credibility and build long-term trust by using industry, company and executive intelligence to craft personalized messages and become more effective in face-to-face meetings.
  • Manage your existing client portfolio: Leverage news alerts, updated financial statements and industry happenings to ensure your clients maintain an acceptable risk profile.
  • Deliver high-quality credit submissions: Use industry, business and executive information for accurate and effective risk selection.
  • Define cross-sell targets: Understand critical business issues, industry trends and changes in your client’s business to uncover opportunities for additional products from your firm and its partners.
  • Perform financial analysis: Analyze target accounts against peers and identify cash-rich businesses or debt-heavy companies.