OneSource Solutions for Consulting

Regardless of your discipline, you need to have extensive experience in strategy development, business process analysis, organizational change management, operational improvements, technology integration, and training.

That’s some list, but the common denominator here is having the ability to access a variety of information whenever and however you need it.

Avention delivers this for you  with dynamic industry and market information, strategic business initiative updates, detailed financial statements, SWOT analysis and relevant news articles. All aggregated from multiple sources that enable you to provide relevant advice and guidance to your clients.

OneSource Solutions Can Help You:

  • Increase your internal efficiencies: Reduce overheads and improve your firm’s utilization rates by spending less time searching for the critical business data that drives intelligent decision-making.
  • Define successful client strategies: Help your clients develop more effective business strategies by assessing industry conditions, analyzing the competitive landscape, and identifying viable market opportunities that will improve their growth and profitability.
  • Evaluate conditions that impact your clients: Receive alerts and be equipped to respond intelligently to executive changes, M&A activity, company restructuring, regulatory changes and other relevant company and industry events affecting your clients.
  • Protect your client relationships: Maintain credibility and build long-term trust in a highly competitive market by using industry, company and executive intelligence to deliver targeted solutions that your clients need, when they need it.
  • Prospect for new clients: Access actionable information by searching public and private companies by size, industry, geography, and financial (and other criteria) to profile and identify new project opportunities.