Find The Information You Need to Be Better Prepared

Avention provides you with the most relevant company research information to help drive more strategic decision-making and growth for your business.

Our unique functionality and rich information work together to help you analyze and understand companies at a level not previously possible. We’ve harnessed the information explosion to give you deeper perspectives and richer insights with our global company and contact profiles.


Organizations applying analytics to data for competitive advantage are 2.2x more likely to substantially outperform their industry peers.

– MIT Sloan Management Review

Analyze and Understand with More Detail

Avention delivers deep information to help you and your research teams be more informed. Plus, our global data, prospecting and profiling tools can help you analyze industry trends, evaluate target markets and understand when and how to engage opportunities.

Thus, giving you the power to create relevant campaigns and messages that resonate with your target market to jump start your sales efforts.

Reveal Competitive Advantages

Stay on top of what’s happening with your competitors with real-time alerts. With Avention, you can review financial performance, strategic developments, job listings, company trends, and, more so, you can be prepared, be informed and be the first to the sale.

Study Market Trends

We simplify your sales and marketing research efforts by providing extensive industry analysis and powerful search and segmentation tools to help you understand what’s happening in your market and adjacent markets. You can penetrate new territories and drive product development with real-time predictive analysis and market intelligence.