Align for account-based success & grow revenue

The OneSource ABM solution aligns sales & marketing around actionable data to achieve Account-Based Marketing (ABM) success, driving increased revenue, growth and share.

Delivering the strong front-end required for effective account-based outreach and execution, the OneSource ABM solution consolidates and cleans your customer data, driving market and segment insights for target account identification. The solution goes on to provide deep account insights to support creation of account-specific messaging and content; contact mapping supports outreach execution. Ecosystem connectors to CRM, MAP, web personalization, online advertising and other systems ensure a closed-loop process with continual alignment.


roadblock to an ABM start: lack of access to the right data and ability to leverage it


can’t find right contacts at companies matching target profile


Get Smart

There is a lot of noise in the market today about Account-Based Marketing and Sales. So much so that we did our own research on the state of B2B adoption of the approach. Read our survey results (‘Art of the Start’) to learn about the importance of data, or watch some great panel discussions we assembled with other industry leaders on the topic.


have limited or no ability to gather real-time intelligence on target accounts


are not able to identify ‘look-alike’ companies that match target segments


do not have a ‘single source of truth’ for customer data
Avention ABM Study, March 2016

Get Started

An effective ABM process does not start with engagement. Execution without proper account selection wastes effort. Engagement without sales & marketing alignment wastes opportunity. These resources will help you learn how to leverage Avention’s data-driven insights and proven sales intelligence to align your sales and marketing teams around the right accounts and drive success.

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