Accurate Lists for Actionable Opportunities

OneSource SmartLists are a fresh take on your prospecting, marketing or research lists. Our technology automatically updates 24/7, giving you a completely current and actionable list of opportunities.

Simply set your list parameters and OneSource will go to work, continuously monitoring the market and pushing real-time updates to you as changes occur. SmartLists help you feed your pipeline, pull together campaign lists and identify fluctuations in your target market – powerful capabilities you’ve never had before.

Plus, you can use our Business Signals to create a highly-targeted SmartList. These combine traditional firmographics – location, industry, etc. – together with more advanced options, such as companies experiencing executive changes, launching products and/or winning contracts.

SmartLists Can:

  1. Alert you to real-time changes and events so you can engage with prospects early in the buying cycle – and before the competition
  2. Help you focus on the most relevant opportunities with the most current and up-to-date information
  3. Monitor existing accounts for changes, activities and threats
  4. Continually feed pipelines with relevant opportunities to help grow sales