Seamless Integration with Your CRM

OneSource seamlessly integrates with your CRM to help drive sales and marketing productivity.

And keep you ahead of your competition.

Our CRM Integrations deliver rich, actionable information on your customers and prospects directly in your CRM. We’ll help make your Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle CRM a more powerful B2B prospecting and account management resource so your reps can focus on closing more deals instead of hunting for contact information.

Eliminate Data Entry and Enrich Records – with a Single Click

Let OneSource do the data entry work so you don’t have to. Simply enter a company name in a new record and match it against our global database to find the corresponding company. In seconds, we’ll automatically populate your record fields and place company profiles, contacts, industry codes, Triggers and research reports at your fingertips.


Target the Most Likely Opportunities

Quickly search for companies or contacts and focus on the best contenders. Our segmentation tools go way beyond traditional location, industry and revenue information to provide insights into business characteristics and performance. Plus, you can define your target criteria and we’ll continue listening to the market and send potential candidates your way.


Prepare for Engagement

Be better prepared to talk to prospects and customers with insightful company information ranging from complete corporate families to in-depth coverage on competitors and strategic initiatives. Our content offerings also give you extensive financial reporting, technology-focused reports and top-shelf global industry profiles.


Never Miss an Opportunity to Connect

Stay informed of call-worthy events at the companies you care about with news, Triggers and alerts. We’ll also help you track events at your accounts with a clear timeline view that features a mix of company news, Triggers and your own sales activities, such as calls and CRM events.