Expand Opportunities and Close More Business

OneSource Conceptual Search provides you with a better way to identify and understand companies, people and industries by aligning them to the topics relevant to their business needs.

Traditional searches are limited to keyword and firmographics information. Our unique Conceptual Search goes beyond these limitations to help you find the companies and contacts who are showing interest in your search topic (for terms like nanotechnology, fracking and cloud computing).

Conceptual Search allows you to sift through the masses of business information and identify companies talking about your search subject. Plus, our extensive filters and Business Signals help you set the target criteria for your search results, so you can quickly and easily focus on the most actionable and relevant opportunities.

Conceptual Search Can Help You:

  1. Gain a competitive advantage by engaging earlier in the buying process
  2. Search beyond traditional industry classifications for emerging markets
  3. Build lists of companies or contacts that represent selling opportunities
  4. Penetrate markets you wouldn’t find in a keyword search