Target the Right Companies with Precision

Sales, marketing and research lists used to be built with standard firmographics such as location, revenue or industry code.

This doesn’t help you identify the companies exhibiting signs that they need your product or service. OneSource’s Business Signals change all this. We study company characteristics and behaviors and provide you with deep insight into the DNA of an organization.

We can even tell you if a company is hiring, experiencing legal issues, launching products and so much more.

Information you can use to understand when you should engage a prospect, how to pitch your offering and how to build more targeted lists.

Business Signals Help You:

  1. Understand the business behaviors that make a prospect most likely to buy
  2. Target the companies that are exhibiting the characteristics of your best opportunities
  3. Provide insight on whether a company is more likely to be involved in certain activities than others
  4. Segment audiences more effectively and understand when you should message them