Your Sales Intelligence Tool

To really be competitive in today’s market, your reps need to be alerted to selling opportunities as early as possible and understand how to relate to the prospect’s needs. OneSource iSell can help them know who to call, when to call and what to say™.

As you know, manually performing sales research is laborious, error-prone and time consuming. OneSource iSell can help your reps stay focused by providing full-prospect intelligence in an intuitive application featuring company and contact profiles, Trigger alerts and easy prospect list creation.

Have Better Conversations with Full Prospect Intelligence

OneSource iSell puts all the information your sales team needs in one place. Our complete intelligence application provides them with clear and easy access to company profiles, contacts, emails, social media content, news, Trigger events, industry sales primers, company SWOT reports and more.

In fact, we combine content from more than 60 data partners and enhance it with data from thousands of feeds, ranging from news sources to social media, and this provides your reps with more accurate business information than any single source could provide.

Alert Your Team to Compelling Buying Events


Prospects identified by sales trigger events are 8x more likely to buy.

source: Craig Elias, Author, Shift Selling

OneSource iSell offers more than 30 different Trigger types to help you understand when to call.

The best prospect is the one with an immediate and compelling need – in other words, a problem they need to solve now. OneSource iSell continually monitors social media, news sources, government filings and many more sources to provide your team with real-time alerts of events that represent a genuine selling opportunity.

Our Triggers include news, executive changes, RFPs and bid solicitations, and hiring initiatives. To offer an even more tailored service, your reps can define their own custom Triggers for their business or territory.

Easily Create Relevant Prospect Lists

OneSource iSell helps your reps identify the most relevant opportunities based on their targets. Plus, as OneSource iSell delivers sales prospects to the rep, they are immediately prioritized based on the timeliness of the lead.

Feed Prospect Intelligence into Your CRM

Better information means better opportunities.

Now, you can automatically extend account, lead and opportunity records in your CRM and help your reps be more productive with OneSource iSell for Dynamics or OneSource iSell for Salesforce.

We combine all of information and functionality of OneSource iSell with the convenience of instant access directly in your CRM, plus give you real-time notifications of call-worthy events through Dynamics Activity Feeds and Salesforce Chatter.