Do you have a complete view of your customer segments and are you able to identify prospects that match your most promising segments?

OneSource DataVision centralizes multiple customer and prospect data sources, delivering analysis and visualization for deeper insight and more accurate targeting. We improve Sales and Marketing alignment, helping Marketing deliver higher quality leads that match target segments and help Sales close more deals.
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Do You Know Where Your Customer Data Is?

For most companies, customer data is housed in various systems such as CRMs, marketing automation systems and order databases. Multiple data collection points not only lead to duplication of data and effort, they mean that you are not getting the full picture of your customer base. OneSource DataVision solves this problem for you with one consolidated access point for your data.


Understand Your Customers to Identify Segments and Grow Relationships

To grow your business, you need to build relationships with your customers. And to succeed, you have to start by understanding who your customer is. OneSource DataVision enriches your core company-specific information with external attributes for increased insight. As a result, you will be able to identify and leverage key customer and prospect segments to make more informed decisions, identify cross-sell opportunities, key industries, verticals and much more.

Determine Your Target Profile

Knowing who your customers are makes it easier to find the people that should be your next customers. OneSource DataVision compares the attributes of your customer segments against the Avention universe so you can identify the most relevant opportunities. This insight will help you save time and be more effective in your sales and marketing efforts.

Extend Your Prospect (and Customer) Universe

As you determine your target profile, OneSource DataVision helps you feed your pipeline with look-a-like companies from Avention’s global database.

Find Global Market Opportunities

A gap analysis exposes opportunity by comparing your customers and segments against our total addressable market file to expose under-served markets and growth potential.


Always Clean, Up-to-Date and Accessible

Data quality degrades quickly and when your information is housed in multiple places, duplication and discrepancies add to the confusion. OneSource DataVision provides centralized data cleansing and standardization in the cloud. You will be confident that you always have the most current information with automatic data maintenance.

Like all OneSource products, OneSource DataVision leverages Avention’s unique Global Live Content, keeping data updated and providing a global universe of companies to identify new targets that match relevant segments. For more information about DataVision, please contact us today.