The heart of Avention’s applications and data services offerings is our Global Content Live data base, which is a selective aggregation and enrichment of data from carefully selected leading data partners from around the globe, as well as information gleaned from searching over 1 billion web pages and analyzing 20,000 real-time news sources, including social media. Details on selected data partners follow:

UK Trading Addresses, Contacts and Emails

118 Information logo

Updated Monthly

118 Information is a specialist business-to-business data provider focusing on the UK market. 118 Information provides data on UK companies and their decision makers, including site-based addresses, executive information, company telephone and fax numbers, number of employees, SIC codes and extensive industry information. 118 Information is supplying a deeper concentration of contacts and emails for a select group of UK companies. Email addresses for these individuals are opt in. 118 Information continuously analyzes and updates its data in response to numerous market changes.

118 Information is providing over 1.5 million company and executive records which are available in Avention UK products.

UK Companies, Contacts and Email Addresses


Updated Monthly

Established in 2001, 1 Stop Data Ltd. aggregates and researches company and contact data from various sources including annual reports, telephone interviews, web research, Companies House and public filings /stock exchanges. As part of the 1 Stop Data verification process, UK Contacts are sent a ‘third party opt-in’ email. Contacts with emails are regularly offered the chance to opt out of third party emails which ensures a compliant and responsive email list. This unique dataset includes in-depth company profiles, executive information, emails and social media links.

1Stop company profiles and over 500,000 UK contacts, many with emails, are part of the iSell products.



Updated Continuously

distribution on both public and private networks. Acquire Media provides quality sources of real-time newswires, press release wires, newspapers, trade journals and web content. The power of Acquire Media’s web technology expertise and breadth of content makes it the premier service for information professionals seeking information on their business, industry and competitors.

Some major Acquire Media publications include:

  • PR Newswire
  • Business Wire
  • Reed Business Information
  • The Australian
  • Fortune
  • Toronto Star Newspapers
  • The Economist / EIU Viewswire


PRNewswire Logo

Updated Continuously

PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide.

Through its multi-channel distribution network, audience intelligence, targeting, and measurement services, PR Newswire helps corporations and organizations conduct rich, timely and dynamic dialogues with the media, consumers, policymakers, investors and the general public, in support of building brands, generating awareness, impacting public policy, driving sales, and raising capital.

Pioneering the commercial news distribution industry 55 years ago, PR Newswire connects customers with audiences in more than 170 countries and in over 40 languages through an unparalleled network of offices in 16 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and via unique affiliations with the leading news agencies across the globe. PR Newswire is a subsidiary of United Business Media Limited (UBM.L), a leading global business media company that serves professional commercial communities around the world. For more information, go to

Access PR Newswire’s global breaking news.

U.S. and Canadian IT Data and Executives


Updated Monthly

Applied Computer Research, Inc. publishes the Directory of Top Computer Executives, a database of information technology departments and their executives within commercial and public sector organizations. Organizations covered by Applied Computer Research are primarily those with 200 or more employees. Data includes number of IT employees, number of PCs deployed, types of systems and operating systems.

Asia List Provider

Contacts & Email Data – Asia Pacific

Updated Annually

Our Asia Contact Provider actively updates executive information for companies in the AsiaPAC region through internet research and telephone inquiries.

Spanish Public and Private Company Data


Updated every two weeks

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Granada, Axesor – Grupo Infotel, a global business information services supplier on the internet, is the primary provider of Spanish company profile data in Avention’s European products. The data covers over 91,000 companies, updated on a fortnightly basis. Data fields include company contact information, ownership information, Spanish activity codes, employee figures, executive and board members, clients, suppliers, shareholders and share holdings, in-depth financial data and more.

Axesor was rated a Tornado100 company by Tornado Insider in Europe and in fact was the only Spanish company within the Hi-Tech sector to be included.

Axesor employs a team of 100 researchers dedicated to cleansing, analysing, verifying and improving the quality across their in-depth database of Spanish companies.

Malaysian Company Data


Updated as Available

Basis Holdings Sdn Bhd has been a major provider of on-line credit information to financial institutions, stock brokerage companies, legal firms, and prominent multi-national corporations for more than 20 years.

Basis provides Avention with the Malaysian top 1,000 as well as 29,000 top private companies ordered by sales. Profiles include company location information, sales revenues, employee figures, executives, and business descriptions.

U.S. Government Data with Government Spectrum Premium


Updated every 2 weeks

Carroll Publishing produces America’s largest database of government decision makers, providing contact information on 320,000 leaders that span active federal, federal regional, state, county and municipal offices and agencies as well as defense organizations. Carroll’s periodic surveys indicate that approximately 85 percent of its 320,000 contacts were in the room when the spending decision was made for all revenue spent by any level of government. With the various government levels taken together spending an estimated $97 billion annually, Carroll’s data offers a fast and effective means of targeting today’s key government decision makers.

Information Partners


Updated Annually

Incorporated in 2001, Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has been leading the Chinese market research consulting industry in Agrochemical, life science and energy fields, and is dedicated to providing high quality Market Data and Primary Intelligence across different industries. Their corporate philosophy is ‘Professionalism, Innovation and Development’.

CCM is providing Avention with 800,000 Chinese company profiles from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Data provided includes company contact information, industry codes, sales, assets, number of employees, incorporation date, executive data, and detailed business descriptions.

UK Executive Contacts and IT/Telecom Profiles


Updated Monthly

Founded in 1992, Corpdata provides high-quality marketing data collected via telephone research. Corpdata provides coverage of approximately 90,000 UK companies and 250,000 decision-making contacts at both head office and branch locations. Also included in Business Browser is IT information on 15,000 UK companies and telecom information on 8,000 UK companies. Data research operates on a 6 month update cycle, yielding an average data age of 3 months. Corpdata offers an expanding range of services in addition to the above data, including marketing databases, practical database support services, bespoke research and services for publishers.

Credit Data with Credit Insights Premium


Updated Monthly, a division of infoUSA, provides unlimited business credit reports on more than 14 million U.S. and Canadian businesses. InfoUSA begins its data collection from thousands of yellow pages. This ensures that location, phone, and business lines are highly accurate. InfoUSA then makes 70,000 daily calls to validate and enrich the profiles. Other sources include public records, SEC filings, news, NCOA (national change of address), and utility transactions.

Credit reports include credit scores, recommended credit limits, liens and judgments, neighboring businesses, and similar businesses in the area. Avention provides access to the full universe of 14 million US and Canadian firms.

European Public and Private Company Data and Financials


Updated Monthly

Creditsafe UK Ltd provides Avention with robust company profiles, financial statements covering up to three years, and key contacts for over 3 million European companies across seven key countries.

Credit Data


Updated Weekly

Creditsafe UK Ltd provides robustly modelled credit ratings and credit limits for 2.8 million UK companies, roughly 96% of Avention’s UK companies. Additionally, they provide full company status and filing history from the UK gazettes and Companies House filings. Creditsafe information helps companies protect themselves against the threat of bad debt.

UK Public Sector and Partnership Data


Updated Monthly

Data Resource Corporation plc provides a database of 60,000 non-corporate organisations, selected from approximately 1.3 million actively trading non-corporates. Non-Corporates available in Business Browser include non-limited companies, partnerships, local and central government and other public sector entities, focusing on the larger organisations in these sectors. Data Resource physically monitors the UK business environment to add new businesses and ensure existing sites are still active. Information is collected by field agents who cover assigned postal areas. Interviews occur every nine months, with drive-by activity occurring every few months. Further information is taken from trade tapes indicating business size, and from diverse data sources.

Singapore Company Data


Updated Semi-Annually

DP Information is the ranking body of the Singapore 1000 and SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) 500. With 20 years of ranking experience they have maintained a steadfast conviction to produce rankings based on quantitative financial performance.

DP Information provides company information, sales ranking, employee figures, business descriptions and executives.

 Asia-Pacific Market Research

Emerging Markets Direct Logo

Updated Annually

Emerging Markets Direct is a publisher and provider of news products, data and research services on fast growing, yet information opaque markets. Its IntelliNews news service has been reporting on emerging markets since 1996, and its coverage of key industries in Asia with a schedule of in-depth reports began in 2005. Using analysts, editors, and economists native to the regions about which they write and report, EMD data and information has long been a staple in the daily diet of top business professionals. EMD Reports include Industry Profiles, Market Trends, Outlooks, Leading Players, Comparative Matrices, SWOT Analyses, and various tables and charts. Select reports include forecasts from EMD’s proprietary trade production and market demand data and forecasting service. EMD is headquartered in Boston with research desks in Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul and Sofia.

 Belgian Public Sector and Partnership Data


Updated Weekly

Euro DB, part of Roularta Media Group, N.V., provides data on Belgian companies, of which the largest 25,000 are included in Business Browser. Euro DB is affiliated with the Business Information Group Network (Bignet), the leading international network for corporate commercial and financial information. As the exclusive distributor of Banque Carrefour des Entreprises, an organisation essentially responsible for management of the Belgian Trade Register, Euro DB is uniquely positioned to provide Avention with robust and timely data. Information includes company contact information, ownership information, activity codes, employee figures, executive and board members, shareholders and share holdings, in-depth financial data and more and is updated on a weekly basis.

Asia Pacific Market Research

Euromonitor Logo

Updated Annually

Established in 1972, Euromonitor International is the world leader in strategy research for consumer markets.  Their extensive network of strategic analysts in 80 countries provides the depth of global, national and local business information required in today’s increasingly international business environment.  Euromonitor provides 484 Market Insight and Industrial reports on Asia-Pac economies.  Reports include Executive Summaries, Market Trends, Key Developments, Competitive Landscape, Company Profiles, and Forecasts.

UK Registered Public and Private Company Data


Updated Weekly

Experian employees approximately 17,000 people working in 40 countries and has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland with operational headquarters in Nottingham, UK; California, US; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Its mission is to provide business services that help organisations find the best prospects and quickly make informed decisions to improve customer relationships.

Experian’s comprehensive coverage of over 3.5 million UK registered public and private companies is available and includes general company and executive information as well as full financial statements, plus directors and shareholder data, mortgages and charges, county court judgment (CCJ), and gazette code data.

Companies House Documents


Updated Daily

Experian also provides access to original Companies House documents for currently active UK companies including the latest year’s Annual Return and 5 years of Annual Accounts. Companies House documents are available 24-48 hours after they are filed.

UK Trading Address, Phone and Website Address Data


Updated Monthly

Avention and Business Browser also includes trading address, telephone and primary website address data from Experian’s National Business Database, a timely and industry-leading resource that consolidates data from 10 primary sources, including Companies House and Thomson Directories.

Market Research


Updated Monthly

The Freedonia Group is a leading international business research company, founded in 1985. Freedonia Focus reports provide concise, unbiased information on eighteen US industry segments, encompassing 200 separate reports at the SIC level. Each report provides key industry highlights and analysis, market size, product and market segmentation and forecasts, and includes profiles of the top three companies in each industry.

Trade and Industry Articles


Updated Daily

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, is a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses.

The Avention Trade and Industry custom database from Gale includes full-text coverage for over 100 leading trade and business publications.

An archive of one year is maintained.

Note: Although Avention constantly updates lists of services and publications, the constant changes in the world of periodicals may add new publications at any time, or cause existing offerings to be discontinued on short notice.

Information Partners


Updated Weekly

GlobalData provides thorough Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analyses on 5,500 global publicly-traded companies, drawing from primary research, in-house knowledge and expertise, proprietary databases, and secondary sources such as company websites, annual reports, SEC filings and press releases. GlobalData also provides corporate profiles with contacts for just over 11,000 private companies worldwide.

Current Stock Prices


Updated Continuously

Access to 15 minute delayed quotes and stock charts is available for publicly traded companies on up to 25 US and global exchanges. Data points available include current open, close, volume, last, change.


Updated Monthly

Founded in 1967, Guía Senior is a leading provider of Latin American company and executive information, its primary mission being to supply reliable contacts for marketing purposes – especially direct marketing – to individuals, organizations and corporations interested in Latin American company data. Guía Senior provides Avention with company and executive data for the top-ranked 25,000 private companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Columbia.

U.S. Nonprofit Company Data


Updated Monthly

GuideStar’s National Database of Nonprofit Organizations offers users a wealth of information about American nonprofit organizations. It is the nation’s most comprehensive source of data on U.S. nonprofits the Internal Revenue Service has declared tax exempt under Section 501(c) of the U.S. Tax Code. GuideStar collects information on the organizations in the database from three main sources: the IRS Business Master File (BMF), IRS Forms 990 and 990-EZ, and the nonprofits themselves.

Included in the Avention product line are GuideStar’s top 20,000 U.S. nonprofit organizations by revenue. Data items include: mission statement, directors, executives, and NTEE (National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities) codes.

 Australian and New Zealand Public and Private Company Data


Updated Weekly

IncNet is the leading marketing information database operated by Mezzo Business Databases Pty Ltd. Launched in 1989, IncNet is the principal resource for marketing and research information on the top 50,000 companies and organizations in Australia and New Zealand. Its data is used by marketers and researchers across Asia Pacific, and it is the official list of choice for ADMA, the Australian Direct Marketing Association.

IncNet collects and maintains a wide range of firmographic data to enable market profiling and segmentation. To ensure optimal data quality the IncNet database team researches and updates thousands of business records including firmographic information, executive names and titles, industry codes, employee numbers, revenue and other key details on a weekly basis. As well as IncNets large and medium company records, Australian coverage is extended into the small medium enterprise segment by the addition of selected records from the Mezzo SME Database. Avention publishes up to 50,000 Australian and New Zealand company profiles in its products.

U.S. and Canadian Private and Public Company Data


Update Monthly

Infogroup is the leading provider of sales and marketing support with products for all types of businesses, from small Mom & Pop shops to large corporations. The company compiles the world’s finest databases of 14 million U.S. businesses, 200 million U.S. consumers, 1.2 million Canadian businesses, and 12 million Canadian consumers under one roof in Omaha, Nebraska.

Austrian, Swiss, Nordic and Singaporean Public and Private Company Data


Updated Monthly

Kompass has an international network of publishers, collecting and supplying locally-collected company information, built up over the last 60 years. Kompass supplies Avention with over 550,000 company profiles across 25 countries primarily across Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Asia.

Global Company Profiles and Corporate Family Linkages


Updated Monthly

Established in 1977, LexisNexis is a member of the Reed Elsevier Group. They are a leading global provider of authoritative business information solutions in a variety of areas including legal, corporate, government, law enforcement, tax, accounting, academic and risk and compliance assessment. Worldwide, LexisNexis provides customers with access to close to five billion searchable documents from more than 40,000 legal, news and business sources, and they provide Avention with global linkage, public and private company profile, competitor, director, and executive records.

Contacts & Email Data – North America


Updated Monthly

ListK is a leading technology company focused on building the best B2B email and lead generation technologies. With over 10 years of experience, they have build proprietary solutions that have helped some of the largest data companies and end-users harness the power of the email channel.

Market Research


Updated Monthly

MarketLine is a premium business information company specializing in industry analysis from around the globe. MarketLine’s 3,000 industry reports provide top-level information for seven major industry sectors: Automotive, Consumer Markets, Energy, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Technology and Logistics. Each report contains quantitative and qualitative summary information including forecasts and predictions, key industry highlights and analysis, market size, product and market segmentation and profiles of top companies in each industry.

Nursing Home and Hospital Data


Updated Quarterly

Mailings Clearing House (MCH) is a leading provider of comprehensive mailing list databases covering education, health care, religion, libraries, and government. The databases are supported by a large research staff who compile and update the data continuously, primarily through telephone surveys. The research department also conducts custom telephone research for Mailings Clearing House customers.

Business Browser products cover more than 19,000 hospitals and nursing homes from this data source. Some of the data items include: description of business, institution type, total number of beds, accreditation details, as well as the facilities provided by hospitals or nursing homes.

US, UK & Canadian Maps


Updated Continuously

MapQuest, Inc. is a leading provider of maps, directions and location-based services. MapQuest serves consumers via a variety of helpful online and wireless offerings. The company also support developers and businesses by providing a geospatial web services platform and comprehensive toolset to build advanced mapping applications.



Updated Continuously

Since 1998, Moreover Technologies, Inc. has been a trusted aggregator of global news and, subsequently, social media. The firm offers customers worldwide access to comprehensive, yet targeted, real-time business information from the Web’s most read and respected sources. As more companies move to publishing relevant business information through social media and other nontraditional sources, our partnership with Moreover is key to our promise to provide our clients relevant, timely news and triggers.

Moreover’s breadth and depth provide unique insight to regional news around the world, as well as industry and specialty news content. They index content from thousands of information sources, including:

  • international news sources
  • press wires
  • national and local press
  • business and industry sources
  • corporate websites
  • science and medical articles
  • government and political sites and more

Annual Reports and SEC Filings


Updated Continuously

The foundation for the Morningstar® Document ResearchSM is the entire real-time SEC EDGAR filings database, with complete coverage dating back to early 1994. In addition to U.S. public company filings, Morningstar offers more than 700,000 global company reports.

Contacts & Biographies


Updated Continuously

Avention actively mines publicly available websites in order to provide our clients with the most in-depth, up-to-date information available on business contacts.

Web-mined information includes current and past employment information, board memberships and volunteer affiliations, paragraph-length biographical descriptions, photos, and email addresses.

Editorially Enhanced Content


Updated Continuously

In order to provide our clients with the highest quality, most timely information available, Avention employs business specialists who editorially maintain and proactively promote real-time updates for content published within our product suite.

These data points include but are not limited to: company-specific URLs, corporate family tree relationships, company contact information, executive names and contact information, SIC codes, and business descriptions.

Industry Norms


Updated Annually

The Risk Management Association (RMA) was founded in 1914 to help commercial bankers make better lending decisions through the exchange of credit information. Today, RMA is the only association that specializes in promoting effective and prudent risk management practices for institutions of all sizes, across the entire financial services industry.

The RMA Annual Statement Studies™ provide financial ratio benchmarks derived directly from more than 190,000 financial statements. Classified by NAICS code, the Annual Statement Studies provide common-size balance sheet and income statement line items arrayed by asset and sales size. RMA also provides five years of trend data and nineteen classical financial statement ratios.

Company and Contact Social Media Sites


Updated Continuously

Social media links include coverage of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus as well as company and individual blogs. Social media connectivity allows users to identify key information and updates for companies and can reveal important initiatives and objectives. Social media links for contacts allow users to understand a contact, discover interests and opportunities and create talking points for a successful call.

US Public and Private Companies


Updated Continuously

Spending & Risk Premium Reports are available for select US public and private companies.   The data is sourced from a leading provider of spending and payment data and is based on actual transaction data, information in public records, commercial transactions, research and web mining.

Avention has integrated up to 2 million Spend & Risk Premium Reports into its products.

Global Public Company Data


Updated Weekly

Reuters’ new Global Fundamentals offering provides premier coverage on over 50,000 global companies in the developed as well as emerging world markets. Besides the fundamental business and company data, Reuters now also gives access to interim financial statements, enhancing the wide selection of quantitative and qualitative information vital for decision-making processes. With the understanding that accurate data is vital to optimal decision making, Reuters has implemented elaborate and effective quality control procedures. The company and financial information includes:

  • Comprehensive company data and business descriptions
  • Extensive executive coverage
  • Geographic and business segment reports
  • Significant development reports detailing key events at each firm
  • Various Web links to information on companies’ Web sites
  • Annual and Interim Income Statements
  • Annual and Interim Balance Sheets
  • Annual and Interim Statements of Cash Flows

Reuters updates its company data using both press releases and SEC filings. In order to ensure the most up to date data on public companies, company press releases are used as sources for updating financials for a particular company. When data points can be derived from a company press release, these data points will be updated by Reuters. Company records are then subsequently updated later when SEC filings are made for the same period. As a result, Reuters records will always reflect the most up to date company data that is available.

Analyst’s Reports


Updated Daily

Thomson Reuters Research Snapshot provides analysts’ reports that supply analysis of more than 60,000 U.S. and international corporations, written by hundreds of analysts at leading investment banks and brokerage houses around the world. Thomson Reuters also offers analysis of 54 industry segments (such as aerospace, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals), covering their key companies, trends, and emerging markets. These reports provide extensive analysis, financial data, and projections, as well as expert insight into trends, management strength, and corporate strategy.

The following reports are published where available:

  • Per company – The two most recent reports of four or more pages per day
  • Per industry – The two most recent reports of four or more pages per day

Note: The number of reports per industry is based on Investext’s definition of 54 industries. Since Avention uses different criteria to define its Avention industries, some industries will be covered by more reports and some by fewer.

Due to varying report embargoes, analysts’ reports can take anywhere from 5 to 35 calendar days before appearing in Business Browser. When Thomson Reuters receives reports from analysts, a waiting period is imposed, varying from 0 to 30 calendar days, depending on the brokerage house or investment bank. (Most large organizations impose a waiting period of around one or two weeks.) The Thomson Reuters Research Snapshot product imposes a further 5 business day embargo, after which they are released to Business Browser.


Market Research


Updated Monthly

STAT-USA is an agency in the Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. Their mission is to provide vital economic, business, and international trade information produced by various U.S. Government organizations.

The Census Bureau’s Current Industry Reports as released by STAT-USA provide timely and accurate data on production and shipments of selected products. The reports may be used to satisfy economic policy needs and for market analysis, forecasting, and decision-making.

The International Trade Administration’s Industry Sector Analysis Reports as released by STAT-USA offer succinct, international market information on specific industries that can help determine market potential, market size, and competitors for your products and services. Reports are written by U.S. Department of Commerce employees at US Consulates worldwide and are focused on individual countries.

Company, Contacts & Email Data – North America


Updated Monthly

Stirista, LLC is a leading provider of B2B email lists and directory data, including business addresses, contacts, phones, and emails. Stirista’s technology combines publically-accessible social media data with direct marketing resources in order to build a global business database. Their quality processing includes a multi-layered cleaning process of cyclical testing, online scanning, and ongoing QA verification of record hygiene.

They track over 35 million contacts and business owners globally, with the goal of providing one of the most comprehensive business directories in the world.

Company and Executive Blogs


Updated Continuously

Twitter is a real-time social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users around the world to post informational updates. Twitter can be employed to view blog style entries for a vast number of companies and executives throughout the Avention universe.

UK Executive Contacts and IT Profiles


Updated Monthly

VNU Business Information Europe is a leading UK publisher of technology news, product reviews, periodicals, and company profiles in print as well as on the web. CSSOnline is produced by VNU Database & Directories, a part of For the past 30 years they have been collecting and publishing high-quality information about the UK IT industry.

The Computer Software and Services database currently contains over 8,000 company profiles, with 14,600 software products and 13,000 named contacts. The Datasite database provides IT profiles and contact details for over 13,000 end-users of IT hardware and software in the UK. These databases are used to produce the “industry bibles”: The Computer Users Year Book and The Software Users Year Book.

Currency Data


Historical Currency Data

Since 1993, WM has calculated daily standardised spot rates for global foreign exchange transactions, using rates provided by Reuters. This rate is recognized as the global standard by banks, fund managers and index compilers. Both bid/offer rates and mid rates are available. The service covers quotes for 103 currencies against the USD, GBP and EUR.

Currency Data


Updated Daily

Founded in 1993, Datafeed provides mid-market rates for 188 currencies including rates for 4 metals. XE obtains its rates from a wide variety of commercial and public sources. XE includes the latest available market data from live, real-time rate feeds containing data from foreign exchange markets all around the world. XE uses an advanced proprietary systems to factor in available data from all sources and automatically detect errors. Where a specific currency is not regularly traded, XE use the most recent data available. XE incorporates Tenfore Systems and Interactive Data as preferred data sources. The service covers quotes for 188 currencies against the USD, GBP and EUR.

International Public and Private Company Data


Updated Monthly

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning publishes business directory information on over 200,000 public and private companies worldwide covering more than 200 countries.  Company profiles include address, telephone and fax number, executives, business description, subsidiaries, auditors, sales, number of employees, type of company, and SIC code specification. Availability of data items varies significantly by country and by ownership type.  Top 10 countries: China, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Argentina, Brazil, France, Canada, Japan. Company profiles are reviewed 1-2 times per year with Avention receiving monthly updates