Avention Solves your Sales, Marketing & Research Data Challenges

Whether you are doing account-based marketing, sales prospecting, territory planning or company research, much of the data you need to really understand market and customer opportunities exists outside of your organization, in a maze of external databases, Web sites, and social media. As a result, it can be challenging to be confident that you have the right data to inform your decision making and guide your strategic plans.

Avention understands the value of data-driven business insights to your business and works to deliver you those insights in an easy-to-use way that quickly and positively impacts business results. With Avention OneSource® Solutions, you have the potential to shorten sales cycles, improve marketing campaign ROI, and gain the right information on which to base risk and compliance decisions. These results are enabled by our strong data advantage, which is the foundation for all OneSource Solutions.

We uniquely provide the strongest combination of data aggregation and enrichment, analytics-driven business-focused applications and a flexible data services approach. These are the three key elements needed to make data a strategic revenue and growth enabler for your business.

Avention OneSource® Solutions

Strong Data Foundation


According to the Gartner Group, poor data quality costs organizations $8.2 million a year on average. Squandered resources, missed opportunities and inefficient marketing all slice into your company’s bottom line.

Avention Solves Your Data Challenge

Turning Data into Opportunity Requires Analytical Data

On top of our aggregated data, we have added an analytics layer that brings several benefits. First, we analyze curated data and select the best data from any given source to create what we call the ‘Golden Record’ of company and contact information.

Beyond traditional firmographic data (address, phone, etc.), our Golden Record is enriched with unstructured data such as industry analyst reports and news to deliver a comprehensive understanding of a company’s background and activities. So, you can be confident that we are providing you with a current and rich view of the 55 million plus companies represented in Global Content Live – a view you can use to make effective sales, marketing, risk and compliance decisions and actions.

The analytics layer also derives insights on the data, which are presented as predictive indicators through our OneSource applications. Example predictive indicators include alerts (“Triggers”) when pre-set conditions are met or activities such as Executive changes or SEC/financial filings occur, and trend analyses (“Business Signals®”).

OneSource Platform

Enabling access to OneSource Data


Organizations applying analytics to data for competitive advantage are 2.2x more likely to substantially outperform their industry peers - MIT Sloan Management Review