You Don’t Have to Live with Dirty Data or the Wrong Data!

On the surface things might look good, but the truth is your data is most probably outdated and incomplete. Which means it isn’t working as hard as it could be!

This is rarely due to poor process or a lack of diligence. It’s simply a consequence of the rapid pace of business. Today, people change jobs, companies move, shut down, slim down, and mergers and acquisitions happen. Changes like this occur every minute of every day, so it isn’t surprising that the campaign list you purchased six months ago is now obsolete and muddying up the records in your CRM.

OneSource Data Services has several offers available to clean, enrich and expand your existing portfolio of in-house sales, marketing and business data. This radically increases the value of your internal information and the resulting business decisions you make. In all cases, data can be delivered in the format – and at the frequency – that makes the most sense for your business.

Like our applications, OneSource Data Services leverage Avention’s Global Content Live database. Global Content Live is built by aggregating and enriching data from over 100 data providers, plus web and news sources. We analyze curated data, selecting the best data from any given source to create what we call the ‘Golden Record’ of company and contact information and then enrich that record with additional information. In addition to data available in Global Content Live, our Data Services team has access to additional data sources to meet your unique needs.

We offer a range of Services to meet your specific needs:

  1. Increase productivity with clean, current data. Avention’s OneSource DataFix data cleansing service (sometimes referred to as ‘match & append’) keeps your customer and prospect information current while improving the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams.
    OneSource DataFix data cleansing
  2. Grow your business with the right set of contacts. Provide us with the attributes that define your target audience and we will provide you with companies and contacts that meet your specifications.
    OneSource DataExtract
  3. Your CRM data quality can decline rapidly if data maintenance is not kept as a priority. While a data cleanse, such as OneSource DataFix, is a good place to start, data can go stale as new records are created and existing accounts evolve. Avention’s Data-as-a-Service solves this issue by providing periodic updates that match and refresh your Salesforce CRM records with data from Avention’s Global Content Live database. What is updated – and how often – is set by our Salesforce administrator.
    Learn more about OneSource Data-as-a-Service for Salesforce CRM (PDF)
  4. Avention’s customer-specific services leverage our global business database (Global Content Live), additional data partners, and deep industry experience to provide you with flexible Master Data solutions tailored to your unique situation.
    Learn more about Avention’s Master Data solutions