Integrate for Sales and Marketing Success

Avention understands that we are an important part of an overall sales and marketing ecosystem and need to seamlessly integrate with other systems. We have integrated the OneSource® platform with numerous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, marketing automation platforms (MAP) and other 3rd party systems such as legal databases and in-house tools.

We offer ‘out of the box’ connectors to popular CRM systems, such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as MAPs. Open APIs are also available for connection to other systems, making easy access to our enriched company and contact data part of your standard workflows.

Our CRM connector helps increase efficiency and effectiveness. Data entry time can be lowered and accuracy increased through alignment of your CRM data with OneSource Global Content Live data. Your users can create a new Account, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity by typing in a Company Name, then utilize the OneSource matching algorithm to identify the desired company. This also adds data from OneSource to the CRM record for a more robust entry. Account and contact records can be updated on an ongoing basis through our ‘Data-as-a Service’ offer* or ‘on-demand’ through a simple click within the CRM.

Perhaps most importantly, deep company information, and buying signals such as our Business Signals® and Triggers from OneSource, are available for quick access directly from the CRM system, keeping Sales as informed as possible about the accounts that are driving their opportunities.

Let us help you make the most of your CRM investment by increasing ease-of-use and improving the information available in your CRM by connecting it directly with the OneSource platform.

From an MAP perspective, you can easily upload robust, targeted contact lists from OneSource into your marketing automation system or upload a sparse list to the OneSource platform, enrich it with OneSource company data and send it to your MAP. We can also help with campaign response through assisting with web form enrichment.

*available for selected CRMs.

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