CRUSH Your Sales Quota

Use CRUSH reports to jump start new target accounts, build strategic account plans and identify decision makers. Cut down on days of research time and dive directly into the core IT information you need to jumpstart your sales cycles and drive revenue. CRUSH reports bring you the most accurate, extensive and up-to-date company profiles on Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies. Each report is packaged in an easy to read pdf and provides an overview of IT architectures, business and technology initiatives, organizational structures, corporate strategies, capital expenditures and budgets, and key decision maker contact information.

CRUSH Your Account-Based Marketing Programs

Use CRUSH reports to quickly build intelligence for your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns. Create competitive displacement or complimentary solutions campaigns by identifying specific technologies in use.

So how do CRUSH IT reports help you?
  • Find new sales leads.
  • Uncover competitors, partners and specific installed technologies.
  • Identify key decision makers and contact information.
  • Discover upsell opportunities.
  • Jumpstart relationships with new accounts.
  • Create strategic account plans.
  • Tighten sales forecasts.

“Without OneSource, my team would be searching Google all day, which would not only take up a lot more time, but also come with a greater risk of inaccuracy. The platform is very well-presented and user friendly – even to those who are not overly familiar with it. For Eversheds, OneSource really is a business necessity.” Nick Dove CCU Manager Client Opening team