‘Twas the Night Before Dreamforce

It’s the night before Dreamforce.  Are you ready???    For those who have been, you’ll get where I’m coming from.  For those first-timers out there, maybe this will help you prepare.

‘Twas the night before Dreamforce, and throughout SFO

Attendees were bundled in 14-layer clothes.

Here for 4 days of mixing and mingling

and walking for miles till their feet are left tingling,

With calendars booked full of sessions and meetings

And after-parties filled with the late-hour greetings.

Lugging ‘cross town, the new Dreamforce bag,

Must see the expo and get all our  SWAG!

With keynotes by Benioff, Sandberg,  & Mayer

& Chopra and friends if you just aren’t too tired…

Where do I go?  Who should I see?

Will this be recorded- can you send it to me?

Never fear, Dreamforce newbie, there’s plenty of time.

Just spread out your sessions and you’ll be just fine.

Map out the expo and know who to see

With 350 exhibitors, it’s well worth your fee.

Sleep on a bean bag & grab a free lunch.

You’re gonna need fuel (just call it a hunch).

Go early to the Gala before there’s a line

‘Cause Green Day won’t have time to listen to you whine.

When the expo doors close and the end draws quite near

You can start booking tickets for your trip back next year!”

If you’re attending Dreamforce, please come visit us in booth W230.  Smart Selling Tools has put together a great map of all the Must-See Exhibitors to save you some time.  Check it out before you go and we hope to see you there!  If you liked this, follow us on Twitter at @OneSourceInfo for live tweets from the conference all week.


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