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OneSource 2013 Zeitgeist

I’ll have to admit I was not familiar with this Zeitgeist phenomenon that has taken over my social feeds lately.  The technical definition of a Zeitgeist is “The spirit of the time; the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation: “, but companies have taken the liberty of extending this to include their year-in-review compilations, so I thought we’d jump on that bandwagon.  2013 was a tremendous year of change and progress for OneSource, so we’d like to share just a few of the highlights of our most popular content and happenings.

Top 5 blogs: 

  1. Who Are You to Judge My Content?
  2. ‘Twas the Night Before Dreamforce
  3. When is the Best Time to Make Calls by guest blogger Wendy Weiss
  4. Dreamforce 2013: The Internet of Customers
  5. Cold Calling: The Warrior Delusion by guest blogger Wendy Weiss

We’re always looking for guest bloggers with a new perspective.  If you’re interested, email us today!

New Customer Success Stories from around the world: 

  1. University of Florida
  2. CLS Communication
  3. Exact Marketing
  4. Syscom
  5. Macquarie Telecom

New beginnings: 

A new office was opened in Austin, TX in April 2013:   Austinphoto

Thanks to our partners:

In 2013, we had the pleasure of working with a great group of people, whether it was on our webinar series, through joint promotions, or simply sharing ideas about how to make our industry and products better.  We encourage you to check out these fine folks in 2014.

  • Smart Selling Tools– Spearheaded by industry veteran, Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools is a great resource for finding out about the best tools available to make your sales force more productive.   It’s also a great place to find general industry knowledge.
  • Top Sales World– CEO/Comedian Jonathan Farrington has set up a wonderful one-stop shop for sales leaders and their teams.  From classes to blogs to webinars (and more), this site is a wealth of knowledge.
  • Craig Elias– Craig Elias is the creator of Trigger Event Selling™, and the Chief Catalyst of SHiFTSelling, Inc.  Craig and his team advise, speak, and train how to TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS by harnessing Trigger Events to repeatedly get to the right people at EXACTLY the right time.
  • John Blossom– Besides being a genuinely nice guy, John is President and Senior Analyst at Shore Communications.  If you’re in need of some spot-on industry analysis backed by years of experience, John is your guy.
  • Brainshark– Brainshark enables companies to improve productivity with cloud-based business presentation solutions for sales, marketing and training.
  • Bloomfire– Help enable your sales team with the reinvented knowledge base by Bloomfire.
  • Marseli – The Marseli Revenue Intelligence software solution exploits patterns found in your sales process to uncover key sales behaviors that degrade revenue performance and marketing investments before they become a problem.  It provides you with the actions that you need to take to change sales behaviors.
  • Docusign– Why waste days on paper trail signatures when you can easily (and legally) sign documents with the click of a mouse?
  • LevelEleven– Motivate your employees with this innovative gamification platform.
  • Lori Richardson – Lori is the owner of Score More Sales, which provides sales consulting, training, and blogging services.  She’s a pleasure to work with and is also instrumental in organizing the group below: Sales Shebang.
  • The Sales Shebang ladies- What a group of innovative and cutting edge sales and marketing women in this group.
  • The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management– The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) is the worldwide representative body for salespeople and has been the authoritative voice of selling and the custodian of sales standards, ethics and best practice for over 100 years.
  • Sean McPheat– Besides being a stellar speaker & author, Sean is also Founder and Managing Director of MTD Sales Training.
  • Grant Leboff– Grant is one of the UK’s leading sales and marketing specialists and author of the book Sticky Marketing.
  • Lee Salz– Lee is a sales onboarding expert and founder of The Revenue Accelerator, a site for getting new hires up to speed- fast!
  • Jon Miller– Jon is VP, Content Marketing & Strategy at Marketo, one of the leading Marketing Automation platforms out today.  They also produce a ton of excellent content for sales and marketing teams.
  • Kendra Lee– Kendra Lee is a top IT seller, sales advisor and business owner who knows how to shorten time to revenue in the SMB market in innovative ways.  She has been kind enough to write several guest blogs for us over the year.
  • Barb Giamanco– Barb is another one of our fabulous guest bloggers.  If you need a social selling expert, you’ve found her.

As we close out 2013, we’d like to wish all our customers, fans, and partners a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

View our Holiday video here:  Season’s Greetings 2013.

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Cari Zoch

Cari has over 15 years of marketing experience and manages Avention's Brand Communications. Prior to joining Avention, Cari was the Global Social Media Manager at LifeSize, a Division of Logitech, and built their social media program from the ground up. Cari is an avid Longhorn football fan (yes, even this year!), and enjoys acting, spending time with her daughter, and taking advantage of all the wonderful outdoor activities Austin has to offer.
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