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January 25, 2017

MarTech Today: How Data and Technology Will Affect Your Marketing in 2017

January 19, 2017

Diginomica: Account-Based Marketing III- Account-Based Metrics, Post-Acquisition Support and Relationships

January 11, 2017

BostInno Beat: Making Moves 

January 11, 2017

NJ Biz: Dun & Bradstreet Acquire Avention for $150M

January 11, 2017

Destination CRM: Dun & Bradstreet Acquires Avention

January 11, 2017

Mergers & Acquisitions: Dun & Bradstreet Purchases Avention, Strengthens Presence in Sales Data

January 11, 2017

MarTech Series: OneSource® Maker Avention Acquired by Dun & Bradstreet for $150 Million

January 11, 2017

MarTech Today: Dun & Bradstreet Buys Avention so its Data Can Become Real-Time Triggers

January 11, 2017

Diginomica: The Tactics, Content, and Technology Behind Account-Based Marketing

January 10, 2017

Seeking Alpha: Dun & Bradstreet Acquires Sales Acceleration Firm Avention for $150M

January 10, 2017

Reuters: Brief- Dun & Bradstreet Acquires Avention

January 10, 2017

Dun & Bradstreet Acquires Avention, the Maker of OneSource; Expands Presence and Offerings in B2B Sales Acceleration Market 

January 6, 2017

DMNews: The Best of DMN’s Meet the Marketer

January 6, 2017 

Diginomica: Account-Based Marketing- Get Your Foundation Right

January 4, 2017

MarTech Advisor- Building Blocks: Kevin Cancilla, Sr. Director of Marketing at Vindicia Talks Marketing Tech

January 3, 2017

MarTech Advisor: Achieving B2B Marketing Success in 2017- What you Need to Know

December 22, 2016

Entrepreneur: 5 Challenges Digital Marketers Faced in 2016

December 21. 2016

Entrepreneur on Fire: Entrepreneurship is Never Easy and Steve Pogorzelski has 25 Years of Proof

December 9, 2016

CMSWire: CMOs Struggle to Drive Revenue, CMO Council Report Finds

November 22, 2016

B2BMarketing: How to Use Social Media to Support Your ABM Strategy

November 22, 2016

DMNews: Meet the Marketer- Vicki Godfrey of Avention

November 21, 2016

The Sales Evangelist Podcast: Why Your Account-Based Sales Strategy is Failing and How Data-Driven Sales Can Help

November 21, 2016

Avention Scoops Award for ‘Innovation in Data Provision’ at Corporate LiveWire’s Innovation & Excellence Awards 2017 

November 18, 2016

B2B Growth Show: What Data Do You Need to Get Started with ABM? 

November 4, 2016

Marketing Land: Quiz- Are You Ready to Adopt Account-Based Marketing?

November 3, 2016

Database Marketing: OneSource Upgraded by Avention

November 2, 2016

DemandGen Report: Avention Adds New Connector API, Data Dashboards to OneSource Solutions

November 2, 2016 Avention Advances OneSource Product Portfolio; Enhancements Increase Ease of Use, Data Visualizations, and CRM Integration

November 2, 2016

MarTech Advisor: Avention Upgrades Its OneSource Product Portfolio to Support Data-Driven Management

November 2, 2016

Avention Advances OneSource Portfolio to Support Data-Driven Management

November 1, 2016

Business2Community: How to Discover Insights and Deliver Value for Target Accounts

October 25, 2016

MarketingLand: Why Marketers Must be Data-Driven

October 14, 2016

Vindicia Boosts Engagement by 260%, Enhances Website, Retargeting, With Strategic Account Segmentation

October 11, 2016

Avention Expands its Team, Company Coverage and Product Offering in India

October 10, 2016

Avention OneSource Solutions Announces Sole Distribution Agreement with Nikkei Media Marketing

September 30, 2016

BBPMedia: Research Reveals Strength of Challenger Bank Lending in UK

September 16, 2016

FierceCMO: New App Connects Oracle Eloqua to Avention’s OneSource

September 15, 2016

DMNews: Vindicia: Accelerating ABM Boosts Pipeline

September 14, 2016

MediaPost: Avention Expands Partnership With Oracle to Align Sales, Marketing

September 14, 2016

Mobile Marketing Watch: Avention App Will Connect Oracle Eloqua and OneSource Platform for Oracle Marketing Cloud App

September 14, 2016

Avention Launches Oracle Eloqua Connector

September 13, 2016

Avention Introduces a Connector for Oracle Eloqua and OneSource Platform to Enhance ABM Alignment as a Partner of the Oracle Marketing AppCloud

September 13, 2016

Avention Launches Application to Connect Oracle Eloqua to OneSource Platform for ABM Alignment as a Partner of the Oracle Marketing AppCloud

September 7, 2016

The Daily Record: Report- Challenger Banks Taking Larger Share of Traditional Lending

September 7, 2016

BBC Scotland: Scots Businesses Turn to Challenger Banks

September 6, 2016

Which-50: Understand the Client Ecosystem to Drive Better Sales- Avention

September 6, 2016

Crain’s Boston: If I Knew Then- Victoria Godfrey, CMO, Avention, Inc.

September 6, 2016

Herald Scotland: Challenger Bank Lending Higher in Scotland Than Across UK as a Whole 

September 5, 2016

Mortgage Introducer: Small Challenger Banks Handling a Third of Business Mortgages

September 5, 2016

CityA.M.: More Than a Third of Corporate Debt is Now With Challenger Banks, but London Firms yet to be Convinced

September 5, 2016

Analysis of UK Company Long-Term Debt and Charges Reveals Strong Challenger Bank Lending

August 31, 2016

FierceCMO: Avention Expands Footprint at Vindicia with OneSource ABM Solution

August 30, 2016

MarTech Advisor- Raab Report: Account-Based Marketers Need Many Vendors for Full Solution

August 30, 2016

Vindicia Uses Avention to Fuel Account-Based Marketing Efforts

August 23, 2016

CustomerThink- Guide to ABM Vendors: What’s in a Complete ABM Stack?

August 22, 2016

Marketo: 3 Reasons Why Data is the Foundation of a Successful ABM Strategy 

August 22, 2016

1to1 Media: For Sales, Content is Nice, but Context is Everything

August 12, 2016

Target Marketing: Who’s Pushing the Edge? 

August 9, 2016

MarTech Advisor: As ABM Matures, Data Takes Center Stage

August 8, 2016

MarketingTech: Why Data is Key to Account-Based Marketing

August 2, 2016

Avention Reports a Strong First Half of the Year in the UK, Increasing its Software and IT Win Rate by 45%

July 25, 2016 A Digital Dozen- 12 Traits of the Truly Creative CMO

July 20, 2016

CIO: 5 Things You Need to Know About Account-Based Marketing

July 20, 2016

FierceCMO: Account-Based Tactics Need Strong Data Foundation

Jul 19, 2016

B2B Marketing: Why a Data-First Approach is no Longer Optional in the Marketing Mix

July 19, 2016

FIR Podcast Network: FIR B2B #47- Hank Weghorst and Account-Based Marketing

July 15, 2016

CabinetM: Avention Introduces Enhancements to its OneSource Platform to Drive Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

July 15, 2016

FierceCMO: Avention Enhances OneSource Platform With ABM Capabilities

July 12, 2016

CRM Magazine: Avention Upgrades its OneSource Platform- New Features Aim to Bolster Account-Based Marketing and Sales Strategies

July 12, 2016

MarTech Advisor: Avention Introduces Enhancements to its OneSource Platform to Drive Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

July 12, 2016

Avention Introduces Enhancements to Its OneSource Platform to Drive Sales & Marketing Effectiveness: New Features Improve Ease of Use and Adoption for Account-Based Marketing

July 6, 2016

B2B Nation- Smarketing Podcast/ Avention: Data-Driven and Account-Based Marketing

July 5, 2016

Marketing Tech Insights: Avention- Churning out Golden Record of Information

June 24, 2016

insideBIGDATA: Think Your Data Exhaust is Worthless?  Here are 3 Reasons You’d be Wrong

June 21, 2016

MarketingProfs: 10 Ways to Bridge the CMO-CIO Gap to Drive Business Growth

June 3, 2016

MarTech Advisor: Why CMOs Should Learn to Speak Geek

May 31, 2016

DataInformed: Capitalize on the Growing Interest in Data Exhaust

May 24, 2016

Direct Marketing News: Understanding Account-Based Marketing

May 23, 2016

Direct Marketing News: ABM: Bridging the Data Gap

May 20, 2016 Data Demands

May 17, 2016

B2B Marketing: 6 Steps to Building an Effective Account-Based Marketing Strategy

May 9, 2016

MarketingDive: Why Marketing Executives Need to Take the Lead with Data

May 5, 2016 CMO’s Top 10 MarTech Stories for the Week of May 5th

May 3, 2016

MarketingDive: Brands are Sharing Data to Compete with Google, Facebook, and Amazon

May 3, 2016

ITProPortal: Lack of Data is Holding Back Account-Based Marketing

May 2, 2016

FierceCMO: Avention Launches New ABM Solution 

April 29, 2016

BetaNews: Lack of Data is a Roadblock to Account-Based Marketing

April 28, 2016

GZ Consulting- ABM: The Art of the Start (Avention) 

April 28, 2016

CMS Wire: Oracle- and Others- Cozy up to ABM, Marketing’s New Big Thing

April 28, 2016

DemandGen Report: Avention Unveils OneSource ABM Solution for Data-Driven Account Targeting

April 28, 2016

Destination CRM: Avention’s OneSource ABM Solution Helps Companies on the Path to Account-Based Marketing

April 28, 2016

BizReport: AdRoundup: New Solutions for Personalization, Collaboration

April 28, 2016

MarTech Advisor: Avention Solves Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Data Challenge: Introduces OneSource ABM Solution

April 28, 2016

Avention Solves Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Data Challenge: Introduces OneSource ABM Solution

April 6, 2016

Direct Marketing News: The Right Data Can Drive Customer Action

April 5, 2016

MarketingDIVE: How Data is Changing the Corporate Role of Marketing

March 10, 2016

The Next Web: Can Big Businesses Use Growth Hacking? 

March 2, 2016

Manufacturing Business Technology: 3 Manufacturing Questions Answered With Better Data

March 1, 2016

Loyalty360: Avention Expertly Leverages Internal and External Data to Help Businesses Make Intelligent Customer Engagement Decisions

February 25, 2016

Marketing Land: MarTech Landscape: What is Predictive Analytics? 

February 16, 2016

Sys-Con Media: Steve Pogorzelski Joins Jazz Board of Directors

February 15, 2016

DemandGen Report: OneSource DataVision Helps Centralize Customer Data

January 27, 2016

Information Management: Avention Debuts New OneSource DataVision Tool

January 26, 2016

Customer Think: Avention DataVision Gives Sales and Marketing Systems Unified Access to B2B Customer Data Quality and Alerts

January 25th

Customer Experience Matrix: Avention DataVision Gives Sales and Marketing Systems Unified Access to B2B Customer Data Quality and Alerts 

January 25, 2016

The Sales Pro: Avention Expands OneSource Solutions Portfolio with Datavision

January 22, 2016

FierceCMO:Avention Unveils New OneSource DataVision

January 22, 2016

Legal Support Network: Avention Expands OneSource Solutions Portfolio with DataVision to Address Marketing Intelligence Needs

January 21, 2016

Database Marketing: Avention Expands OneSource Solutions Portfolio

January 21, 2016

bobsguide:Avention Expands OneSource Solutions Portfolio with DataVision to Address Marketing Intelligence Needs

January January 20, 2016

BizReport: Ad Roundup: Releases to Improve Data

January 20, 2016

Martech Advisor: Avention Expands OneSource Solutions Portfolio with DataVision to Address Marketing Intelligence Needs

January 20, 2016

Destination CRM: Avention Expands OneSource Solutions Portfolio with DataVision

January 20, 2016

Avention Expands OneSource Solutions Portfolio with DataVision to Address Marketing Intelligence Needs

January 4, 2016 In 2016, Marketing Leaders Resolve To…

December 10, 2015

Avention Launches OneSource for Microsoft Dynamics to Deliver Actionable Insights Within Customers’ CRM Systems

December 4, 2015 Solving Manufacturing Challenges with Data

November 24, 2015

Legaltech News: OneSource Provides Insight for Law Firms

November 24, 2015

Network World: Reprint of 6 CRM Predictions for 2016

November 23, 2015

Website Magazine: Experts Speak: How to Show Customers You’re Thankful

November 23, 2015

CIO: 6 CRM Predictions for 2016

November 23, 2015

Avention’s Smarter Business Insights Give Lawyers, Law Firms An Upper Hand

November 23, 2015

MarTech Advisor: Interview With Victoria Godfrey, CMO- Avention

November 10, 2015

Forbes: Top 10 Business Signals That Produce B2B Sales

November 9, 2015

Forbes: It’s All About the ‘Solutions’

November 5, 2015

Avention Empowers Staffing, Recruiting Industry with Smarter Business Insights

October 28, 2015

Inc.: 4 Questions to Ask Before Launching a New Product

October 28, 2015

Oracle Continues to Expand Ecosystem of Partners to Support Customer Success in the Cloud

October 6, 2015

KnowGlobal Chooses Avention as Its Data Partner

August 20, 2015
Forbes: My Data is Sexier Than Your App

August 19, 2015
The Sales Pro: Sales Director Profile- Paul Charmatz, SVP International, Avention

August 11, 2015
Avention℠ Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

August 1, 2015
TechTarget: Data Mashup Tools Boost Business Intelligence, Analytics Efforts

July 29, 2015
Avention Grows Its London Team with the Appointment of Arthur Bradbury and Rob Eaton to Senior Leadership Positions 

July 17, 2015
DataInformed: Predictive Analytics Takes B2B Marketing From Good to Great

July 6, 2015
EContent: Email Marketing: Updating an Old Standard for Today’s Consumer

June 30, 2015
SmartDataCollective: Data Does Not Equal Intelligence: Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise

June 23, 2015
SearchMarketingDaily: Three Critical Marketing Tasks Made Better With Data

June 15, 2015
CMO.Com: Outbound Marketing is Alive and Well

June 15, 2015
Avention Builds on International Momentum and Appoints Paul Charmatz as New Senior Vice President International

June 9, 2015
FierceCIO: Big Data’s Two-Front Challenge: Investments in Analysts and Analytics

June 8, 2015
FierceCIO: How CIOs Can Truly Use Big Data Effectively

May 29, 2015
datanami: How Big Data is Changing How Businesses Use the News

May 26, 2015
Target Marketing Magazine: B2B Predictive Modeling: Razor- Sharp Marketing

May 21, 2015
insideBIGDATA: B2B Predictive Analytics in the Big Data Era

May 15, 2015
datanami: Beyond Social: How Text Analytics Can Improve Business

May 11, 2015
BizReport: Top Tips for a Better Data Strategy

May 8, 2015
The Business Journals: 3 Surefire Questions for Hiring the Right People

May 7, 2015
ClickZ: Why Location-Based Emails are So Important to Your Business

May 1, 2015
Sales & Marketing Management: Bringing Outbound Marketing Into the 21st Century with Real-Time Data

April 10, 2015
TechRepublic: Farm Out Big Data Chores so Employees Can Focus on Analytics

April 7, 2015
iMedia Connection: 4 Steps to Building a Strong CMO-CIO Relationship

March 31, 2015
CIO: What is Data-Driven Marketing?

March 31, 2015
betanews: Why Traditional Email Marketing Techniques Aren’t Dead

March 17, 2015
Business Solutions: Avention Launches Partner Program, Hires Rob Kornblum to Oversee Corporate Growth

March 9, 2015
Target Marketing: 4 Steps to a Healthier CMO-CIO Relationship

February 26, 2015
FierceFinanceIT: Data Company’s Reinvention with Conceptual Search℠ Aims to Aid Search for Alpha

February 25, 2015
Fortune: The Two Most Important Words in a Job Interview

February 25, 2015
FierceCMO: CMO-CIO Relationship Not Just a Marriage of Convenience

February 20, 2015
Entrepreneur: 6 Ways New CEOs Can Lead an Established Company Through Change 

February 19, 2015
MyCustomer: How Predictive Indicators Will Take Big Data to the Next Level in 2015

February 18, 2015
CMO Essentials: What you Need to Know About the CIO and CMO Relationship: A Q&A With Victoria Godfrey

February 2, 2015
Inc.: 5 Things to Look for in Your Next Incredible Mentor

January 26, 2015
Business Solutions: Help Clients Harness the Power of Big Data- Rather Than Be Overwhelmed By It

December 19, 2014
ITBusinessEdge: How Sales Professionals Get the Most Out of Their BI Technology

December 17, 2014
Aventionite Diana Morales Wins IT Saleswoman of the Year Award from Women in Sales Awards

December 9, 2014
Data Informed: 3 Hacks for Using Big Data to Increase Sales Revenue

December 9, 2014
Avention’s Business Intelligence Platform Named Best New Product

29 October 2014
Avention UK Customer Quiz Night 2014

27 October 2014
Avention Sales Executive Diana Morales Named “IT Saleswoman of the Year” Award Finalist in the 2014 Women in Sales Awards

16 October 2014
Fierce CMO: Spotlight On…Avention Adds Critical Mention API

13 October 2014
BizReport Ad Roundup: Tools to Assist Staff

07 October 2014
Avention Demonstrates the Financial Impact of Introducing Big Data into the Sales Engagement Process with the ROI Calculator

25 September 2014
CMO.Com-Study: Marketing and Sales Struggle With Extracting Insight From Data

18 September 2014
Marketing concerns: too much data, not enough quality

16 September 2014
IDG Connect and Avention Reveal the State of Big Data Among Modern Enterprises; Results Show Insight is Critical for Business Impact

22 August 2014
Avention’s James Rogers tells TechRepublic about rebranding a 20-year-old company

19 August 2014
Avention Named One of Selling Power’s “50 Best Companies to Sell For”

08 August 2014
Avention, Inc. Appoints Steve Pogorzelski as CEO

01 August 2014
Direct Marketing News article by Natasha D. Smith: Redefining the High-Value Customer

21 July 2014
DataInformed article featuring CEO, Jonathan A. Flatow: Use Big Data Analytics to Evaluate Potential Business Partners

03 July 2014
Direct Marketing News article by Natasha D. Smith: Five Ways to Get Customers to Share Data

26 June 2014
Avention Honored as Gold Stevie® Award Winner in the 2014 American Business Awards(SM) For Business Innovation of the Year

20 June 2014
Avention Leads the Way in Solving Big Data Dilemmas

28 May 2014
SAP Delivers New Innovations for Customer Engagement, Drives Double-Digit CRM Growth

21 May 2014
Avention Drives Business Information to the Next Level With Launch of Avention Spending & Risk

21 May 2014
Advertising Roundup: Data and Targeting and Tools, Oh My 

21 May 2014
Avention Launches Prospect Commercial Health Assessor

8 May 2014
Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Announces New Industry Reports for Transfer Pricing Documentation 

6 May 2014
Avention Wins Award for Support of Guard and Reserve Employees

21 April 2014
Economist Lean Back Blog: Corporations have no poker face: B-to-B marketers must learn to read digital signals

9 April 2014
Avention Named Semifinalist for 2014 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award

7 April 2014
Avention UK Product Launch Success

1 April 2014
Avention Strengthens Collaboration with SAP

20 March 2014
Avention Hits the Target for Exakt Marketing

06 March 2014
Ad Roundup: A social network, searching speech and big data analysis

06 March 2014
CMSWire article by Barry Levine: OneSource Creates New Way to Search Big Data

05 March 2014
MarketingDIVE article by Wendy Parish: OneSource Becomes Avention, launches software platform

04 March 2014
Forbes article by Christine Crandell: Put a Stake in the Heart of Marketing List Vampires

04 March 2014
Boston Business Journal article by Sara Castellanos: OneSource Changes Name to Avention; launches new biz intelligence software

04 March 2014
DMNews article by Perry Simpson: OneSource Changes Name and Overhauls Offerings

04 March 2014
Shore Communications blog by John Blossom: OneSource Rebrands as Avention, Launches Advanced Business Insights for The Signal Economy

04 March 2014
Smart Selling Tools blog by Nancy Nardin: Up Close and Personal with Jonathan A. Flatow

04 March 2014
Avention Reinvents Business Information Market With Launch of New Application

04 March 2014
OneSource Information Services, Inc. Changes Name to Avention, Inc.

7 January 2014
OneSource Acquires Sales Enablement Provider SalesQuest®

25  November 2013
OneSource Announces Access to Carroll Publishing Government Data

14 October 2013
OneSource Achieves Continued Growth through Solution Enhancements, Executive Appointments and Industry Accolades

05 September 2013
OneSource Introduces iSell Business Contacts

13 November 2012
OneSource iSell™ Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics® to help sales teams optimize the prospecting process GTCR and Cannondale Investments Announce the Acquisition of OneSource, Inc.