Turning Data Into Opportunity

Data is the lifeblood of your business. We partner with you to turn data into the insights you need to make informed decisions, stay ahead of competition, and close deals.

Now is the time to make every opportunity count.

Clean and Enrich Your Data

OneSource Data Services radically increase the value of your customer and prospect data, improving the effectiveness of your campaigns and the quality of your CRM records.

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Uncover Your Best Opportunities

OneSource Applications help you quickly research, target and monitor the companies, industries and contacts most relevant to increasing sales and improving marketing ROI.

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Enhance Your Customer Interactions

When you need to improve your workflows and/or enhance the value of your existing customer data base, OneSource Custom Solutions can deliver content quickly and seamlessly.

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Uncover Your Opportunity

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Our Clients – Their Words

  • "In a highly competitive market, we specialize in delivering a customer experience that overcomes business challenges and drives loyalty. Avention is a pivotal solution to empower our marketing team, by helping us to attract new customers in specific markets and maximize the profit potential of every opportunity. Mike Beech Product Marketing Director Kerridge Commercial Systems
  • “Avention is the cornerstone of ADP's client-focused selling strategy. Our account teams prepare more effectively, ask more intelligent questions, and focus on real synergies with each and every client. Michael Ryan VP Sales Ops ADP
  • "The Avention platform offers a level of detail to corporate market research that simply isn't available elsewhere. Edward Beach Manager for international marketing and strategy and insights Cole-Parmer
  • "Avention had the best mix of the number of records available and good data, which is critical when you're trying to expand. Furthermore, from a customer service point of view, the Avention team was always there and did whatever we needed. Bob Marone Manager, Sales and Business Development U.S.A. & Latin America at CLS Communication

Curious About Our Products?

How Does OneSource Give You an Advantage?

Avention is the only provider that takes a flexible approach to allow you to integrate internal data with external sources. Giving you a unified and comprehensive view so you can make more informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and close more deals.

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Here to Help You Succeed

If you are a sales, marketing or research professional looking for a more comprehensive understanding of markets, companies, and contacts to help you reach your career goals, then we are here to help. Make the most of every opportunity with OneSource Solutions from Avention.

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