Customer Testimonials

“At GE our business has always been about innovation and adapting how we do business to the times we live in. We are keen to purpose Big Data, through new capabilities such as Conceptual Search and Business Signals, to help with our 21st century business information and sales enablement needs. We are proud of our relationship with Avention, not only as a key solution partner, but also as a good customer of GE Capital.”
Steve Kozek, Commercial Marketing GE Capital  

“I have been a customer of Avention (formerly OneSource) for many years.  I continue to use Avention because of the the completeness and reliability of the information that I haven’t seen with any other product on the market today.  In addition, the export functionality and list-building ability allow me to quickly create and re-use custom reports.  Ultimately, I continue to turn to Avention because it saves our employees time and increases the quality of information and customer happiness.”
Susanne Wrage, Director, Center of Excellence Denali Group