To be successful in B2B Sales requires a diligence, fortitude and determination that are unique to the profession. Sales is all about pursuit: pursuit of the right prospects, pursuit of the right message, pursuit of the right applications. If you hit this trifecta, you’re well on your way to becoming a key player for meeting your company’s sales objectives.

Avention℠ is made for what you do: providing you a platform to precisely define your market, perform knowledge discovery for aligning your product with the right audience and enabling you to respond rapidly to changing market conditions. Avention’s proprietary platform engages new database technologies and a remarkably intuitive user interface to deliver the most accomplished sales enablement environment today. Period.

“Actionable information” is a bit of a cliché, but it’s the lifeblood of what you do. Without it, sales don’t happen. Avention delivers on this count like no other system. Here are a few of our capabilities designed to make you a sales powerhouse:

  • Conceptual Search℠  — Avention’s search technology gives real-world context to seemingly disparate business information. It allows you to use natural language for searches, instead of business and industry parameters. It removes constraints on searches imposed by other platforms by utilizing all our data and our precision set of attributes. Conceptual Search is easy to use and gives your company a tremendous competitive edge for targeting new clients in your current space and finding altogether new markets.

  • Business Signals℠  — Find your next best prospect by identifying and measuring specific facets of a business. Looking for shipping companies that are expanding into South America, undergoing executive change and winning contracts? Business Signals give you the power to search for prospects with a much richer vocabulary than ever before.

  • Triggers — Triggers are alarms that are customized by you to alert you when an event happens. Avention has 20 predefined Triggers, which cover any conceivable business event (new CMO hired, company defaults on its loan, company is laying off workers, company is merging with a competitor, et al.), Triggers don’t stop there. The type of event reflected in the Trigger will also launch a potential reaction on your part, providing you a means by which to rapidly and appropriately respond to changes on the business terrain.

  • Ideal Profile℠ — Who is your perfect prospect? Avention’s predictive analytics facility, its unmatched repository of business data, and its support for up to 1,200 attributes and values gives you the resources to pinpoint your sales targets with finer accuracy that ever before possible.

  • SmartLists℠ — SmartLists are Avention's evolution of the traditional prospecting list. SmartLists use Avention's capabilities to keep feeding your pipeline with companies and contacts that meet your Ideal Profile, even when you are not there.

Avention has a 20-year history in business information delivery, and has the largest corpus of business information and analysis of that information in the world. We use our sources to deliver to you the most up-to-date, most accessible, and most comprehensive information. Information that will define whether you will be successful.

We invite you to investigate all of the reasons Avention should be your sales analysis platform of choice.