Research is a discipline that is critical to the success of a B2B enterprise. The quality of your research, its accuracy, its scope and its assessments can decide whether your company sinks or swims. Business research also is infinite and ongoing, and what’s valuable today will not be tomorrow.

Research also entails defining marketplace trends, sales projections, competitor analyses, financial projections, and all types of business performance projections. In any case, the quality of the research and its conclusions is entirely dependent on the quantity and the quality of your data you use to prepare it.

The Avention℠ platform is many things: a sales tool, a marketing tool and a research tool. Of course, none of these critical linchpins in your business is mutually exclusive to the others. Its overarching design navigates all these regions at once, and accommodates research applications for all types of business knowledge discovery and evaluation.

It’s easy to see that sales, marketing and research are simply slightly different tangents of the same business objective: defining a market, competing in the market and establishing a strong ongoing sales presence in the market.

The strengths of Avention, Inc. as a research vehicle are the integrity of its data, the timeliness of the data, the volume of the data, and the mechanisms in place to help intelligently ingest the data for meaningful results.

Here’s why Avention is an invaluable asset for high-end market research.

  • Data Integrity: Cross-validation is performed on all inconsistent data ingested to Avention to determine which source is correct, and deliver you “the golden record.” This process, called data fusion, guarantees the highest level of veracity of our data.

  • Analytics: Avention’s native analytical capabilities are formidable. The platform supports industry and company comparisons, high-level summary views of market and organization performance, cause-and-effect scenarios, demographic and geopolitical analyses, and more. Analytics can be widely customized and tailored to specific data sets, time frames, and potential future scenarios.

  • Context: Avention’s dynamic design provides unparalleled context to its information. Relational contextualization allows companies, individuals and events to be effectively correlated. This Avention capability provides a synergistic association that delivers unique insights into the business climate and its many variables.

  • Timeliness: Avention’s data, derived from more than 60 of the largest high-value data vendors, is delivered in real time, and is segmented by market. This greatly speeds on-the-fly research, and lets your sales and marketing team think strategy rather than chase down the latest market news and performance indicators. The content is already there.

  • Business Signals℠: Avention has defined 1,200 proprietary business attributes that we use to classify each business within the platform to deliver rich, actionable search results. Business Signals take jumbled market and industry signals and delivers rich results to reinvent noise as useful business insight. Big Data alone is not a valuable reference tool. Big Data interpreted with Business Signals is a next-generation reference breakthrough.

All of this is provided from a single online environment that can also be integrated directly with your existing CRM platform.

For B2B research, Avention gives you resources, relationships and business metrics unavailable anyplace else. How your research proceeds is up to you. How accurate and valuable your research is depends on your research platform. And on this count we deliver the goods.