Creating and executing a marketing plan is a large and complex proposition. It takes painstaking preparation, detailed analysis and market savviness beyond your competitors to make a campaign stick and to prevail. No easy exercise, by any means.

What will unlock new vistas in your marketing strategy? How will you actually create new inflection points for your product? Beyond the necessary legwork, you need the technical resources to clarify and reveal the markets lost in the noise of endless streams of information. You need the ability to pinpoint your presence to a market flying beneath the radar.

Avention, Inc.℠ is the marketing platform that will help you accomplish all of this. Our state-of-the-art platform is optimized for marketing and sales professionals like yourself. With a suite of technologies never before employed for business information analysis, the Avention environment will help you:

Increase Sales

Using Avention’s unique facilities like Conceptual Search℠ and Ideal Profiles℠ gives you the means to locate and identify new market segments and direct appropriate resources to it. Marketing needs a good return on investment — meaning the increase in sales should significantly exceed the cost of the marketing — and the way to achieve this is through being specific. And no competing sales and marketing tool can deliver the results Avention does. Since Avention is dealing exclusively in the B2B space, all of our information is delivered exclusively about businesses, for businesses. No search engine does this, and no other competing sales and marketing platform does it with such accuracy and breath of scope.

Enhance Product Awareness

Use Avention’s Business Signals℠ technology to effectively redefine how your product is presented, to whom it is marketed and greatly refine your understanding of the market. No other platform can ingest such a volume of business data and deliver such a cohesive market view. And use the hyper-granular business attributes and values to find unique relationships between industries and companies. Each of these capabilities contributes mightily to finding undiscovered niches for your product placement.

Establish Yourself in an Industry

Avention’s analytics engine provides high-level analyses, geopolitical research, predictability scores and more, all without requiring any direct market research yourself. This is made possible by the powerful automation that underpins our platform. More sophisticated information, more targeted and detailed information, will deliver a capsule of an industry niche that will be accurate and actionable.

As you would expect, Avention brings newest-generation technology to the table in our platform, and that makes it possible to perform the wide-ranging functions it does. But beyond that are the business sources Avention utilizes and the business rules applied to the data. Avention currently has the largest real-time data repository of business data in the world, and we employ all of it in our analyses and data fusion procedures. The system has been designed to support virtually every potential marketing and sales application. Its ability to segment markets more precisely than any competing system, its utilization of as many as 1,200 business attributes to detect markets and cross-industry relationships, and its unsurpassed ability to apply incremental learning to data and scenarios make Avention the most powerful and adaptive product of its type.

If you’re a marketing professional, and we strongly suspect you are if you’re reading this, contact an Avention representative to learn more. You’ll be on your way to redefining how your marketing team participates in its market, how it anticipates market trends, and how responsive it is to new opportunities. Avention gives you the edge you didn’t know existed. Until now.