Solutions By Role

We know your role.

We understand how challenging it can be to find that golden nugget of information, or create the perfect business opportunity, but we believe the insights you have access to play a key role in where you and your business are going.

Here are some ways Avention, Inc.℠ helps professionals build their future:

  • Sales: Accelerate prospecting, improve call preparation and drive cross-selling by drawing on millions of executive contacts and companies, worldwide.
  • Marketing: Build B2B marketing campaigns, improve segmentation and targeting, and add contacts to the prospect database.
  • Procurement: Identify and evaluate vendors, negotiate terms more effectively and track developments affecting suppliers.
  • Legal Compliance: Identify potential conflicts of interest, track significant developments within target industries and extend client relationships.
  • M&A: Identify acquisition targets, streamline due diligence, evaluate executive teams and more.
  • Consulting: Explore new business opportunities, gain wallet share within your base by identifying emerging opportunities and provide better recommendations to your clients with in-depth analyst and financial news and reporting.

Business Sales Prospecting Tools For Sales Leads

Closing sales is simple once you have the right lead. It’s just a matter of finding information when it’s at its hottest so you can make the right move at the right time. At Avention, we cut through the clutter to pinpoint only the most relevant leads, information and solutions. We then help leverage those opportunities to grow your business.

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Marketing Segmentation & Analysis | Market Intelligence

You have the next great thing and you just can’t wait to bring it to market, but how do you know the best way to go about it?

With Avention you can find a faster, more efficient way of identifying the right prospects at the right companies. We can even help you validate the data in your existing marketing database, append information and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within your existing accounts.

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B2B Sales Research

Research is a discipline that is critical to the success of a B2B enterprise. The quality of your research, its accuracy, its scope and its assessments can decide whether your company sinks or swims. Business research also is infinite and ongoing, and what’s valuable today will not be tomorrow.

Research also entails defining marketplace trends, sales projections, competitor analyses, financial projections and all types of business performance projections. In any case, the quality of the research and its conclusions is entirely dependent on the quantity and the quality of your data you use to prepare it.

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