Power to the purchaser.

Successful supply chain management is impossible without accurate, timely and actionable information on your current and potential suppliers. Avention,℠ Inc provides the business intelligence you need to understand your supplier’s history, financial performance, industry news and trends to maximize your purchasing power.

Avention can help you:

  • Find the best suppliers for your needs: Easily identify companies by industry, area of specialization, geography and other factors to develop a short list of potential new suppliers.

  • Evaluate suppliers: Compare the vital financial statistics of multiple companies, profile individual firms and scan key market/industry trends that may have a bearing on supplier selection and renewal.

  • Negotiate the best terms for your organization: Conduct detailed financial analysis, keep informed of changes and issues impacting your suppliers, and understand company structure to gain additional leverage during negotiation.

  • Manage your suppliers: Use Avention to remain informed throughout the term of your relationship to quickly identify and respond to issues and opportunities affecting your current vendors and potential new sources of supply.