Management Consulting

Sometimes it is all about what you know.

As a management consultant, it’s important to have access to accurate, timely and comprehensive market, industry and business information. Avention, Inc.℠ has you covered. Now you can access financial statements, SWOT analysis, strategic initiatives, market information, industry descriptions and relevant news articles in order to get the facts you need to provide effective advice to clients.

We can help you:

  • Prospect for new clients: Search public and private companies by size, industry, geography, financial and other criteria to match your core capabilities to the best client fit.

  • Extend existing relationships: Win instant credibility and build long-term trust by using industry, company and executive intelligence to craft personalized messages and be more effective in face-to-face meetings.

  • Support clients’ business strategies: Understand industry conditions, competitor strengths, market opportunities and partner capabilities to help your clients develop more effective business strategies.

  • Stay on top of client developments: Be alerted and be equipped to respond intelligently to executive changes, M&A activity, company restructuring, regulatory changes and other relevant company and industry events that may affect your clients.