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We know your industry.

Half genuine curiosity, half obsession, we like to keep industry information on a tight leash. We comb through the blogs, the newsfeeds and all of the Internet good stuff to keep you on top of your business Intel and your water cooler talk.

Whether it’s through sales, marketing, research or procurement, clients from all industries turn to us to help them drive their core functions and build their business.

With access to in-depth information on millions of companies and executives worldwide, Avention, Inc.℠ provides not only key contact information, but also puts them in context so that you can capitalize on emerging trends, identify key players within specific sectors and gain marketplace traction.

Our LiveContent Platform provides clients access to business information of unrivaled breadth, depth, accuracy and scope. By incorporating data from more than 60 world-class suppliers, web and social media sources, and also applying technology and editorial review to verify and synthesize this information, LiveContent delivers the full spectrum of actionable business information through a single user interface.

Below, we've listed some of the industries that are using Avention to build their future.


Management Consulting

As a management consultant, it’s important to have access to accurate, timely and comprehensive market, industry and business information. Well, at Avention, we’ve got the goods. Now you can access financial statements, market information, industry descriptions and relevant news articles in order to get the facts you need to provide effective advice to clients.
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Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking Relationship Managers have to work harder than ever to succeed. At Avention we think working smart is also just as important. That’s why we give you the tools and information you need to make the right decisions for your business. We can provide you with financial statements, market information, industry descriptions and relevant news articles and much more.
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Underwriting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Success in insurance underwriting today requires you to process more transactions, do it in less time and with better information to make the best decisions at the lowest cost per transaction. Avention is your first destination for the critical business information you need to evaluate risk, make the right decisions and respond to clients quickly.
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Legal Compliance

Creating and executing a marketing plan is a large and complex proposition. It takes painstaking preparation, detailed analysis and market savviness beyond your competitors to make a campaign stick and to prevail. No easy exercise, by any means.
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M&A / Finance

Acquire companies, not baggage. With Avention you can maximize your M&A opportunities with instant access to accurate and up-to-date information on millions of companies around the world. Learn more about your target company’s history, financial condition, peers and industry outlook. And compare them with other companies to create valuations like never before.
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Power to the purchaser. Successful supply chain management is impossible without accurate, timely and actionable information on your current and potential suppliers. Avention provides the business intelligence you need to understand your supplier’s history, financial performance, industry news and trends to maximize your purchasing power.
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