Custom Data Solutions

If there’s a will, there’s a custom data solution to help find the way.

Data Solutions is our offering for custom interface solutions and unique data needs. Solutions include offerings that are intended to complement and enhance our Avention℠, iSell and Global Business Browser products, as well as individual solutions designed to work with your existing company data through integration with commercial software. Our expertise in marketing solutions, data cleansing, data mining, market analysis and enterprise integration is designed to work around your unique business needs, whether that is in the office or out on the road. We can help you utilize, analyze and integrate our content in whatever form works best for your organization. Whether it’s through email campaigns, integrated with your existing enterprise content, made accessible through a custom interface or through a mobile platform we can deliver content quickly and seamlessly across the enterprise.

Custom data services

Our data services aggregate a wide range of information, including companies, contacts, news and industry analysis across global geographic regions, to deliver customized data sets for marketing, sales, business research, market analysts, financial services and HR. Avention content can be mined, segmented and presented in various ways to create and enhance your existing portfolio of in-house sales, marketing and business data to radically increase the value of your internal information and the resulting business decisions.  Our custom data solutions quickly clean internal data through our Match & Append Services to improve the use and return on your data investment.  Our business analysts can assist in segmenting and mining the content platform to arm your marketing and sales campaigns with the prospect profiles, customer segments and business demographics to yield the best return for your business and our marketing list generation services optimize your campaign success.

Custom application solutions

Avention Data Solutions can deliver Avention content and functional components programmatically to provide a flexible, scalable and integrated environment for customers, whether that is through a HTML web application, an embedded search engine, a mobile application for smart devices or through XML or JSON data feeds. Our team will take you seamlessly through the entire solution from inception to product launch.

Custom interface solutions

A custom interface solution is a customized access and display of the deep Avention content platform in a format that you decide maps best for your needs and users. For example, in the commercial underwriting business the challenge is uncovering all of the details your underwriters need to make the best possible decision. To fully assess risk, the Avention custom interface builder provides deeper details into the company, its executives, its competitors and industry in a form that works the way that underwriters understand best. Information is presented through charts and graphs for easy understanding and decision-making.

CRM integrations

We are able to embed high-value business information about your clients and prospects, directly into your CRM application. You can create new accounts and prospects completed with content from the Avention content platform to standardize hierarchies, increase the quality of the ongoing information and quick-start your sales prospecting with accurate data.  You can also quickly compare our data in a side-by-side display with internal information to identify key business changes that your relationship managers should be aware of, increasing the value, adoption and usage of your CRM system and dramatically increasing sales teams’ productivity.

Marketing automation integrations

Our Data Solutions can integrate directly into marketing automation products to select, research and create up-to-date marketing lists from our authenticated database of worldwide executives and contacts. Our team can help provide guidance on how to keep your in-house lists current and marketable with data cleansing, segmentation analysis, new prospect identification and marketing list creation.

Custom portal integrations

Our Data Solutions can also integrate directly into existing portals housing third party data-sets, internal business content and content repositories for an enhanced marketing, sales and business intelligence hub.

RSS and News feeds

Our Data Solutions can customize how users receive news and trigger content to increase the flexibility and distribution of valuable business knowledge. Your team can receive news and triggers as RSS feeds with tailored content sets for their particular interests, set of accounts or industry areas, or alerts and triggers relevant to their business. Avention RSS feeds add unimaginable power to your users, by allowing them to configure data sets consisting of company, news and analyst reports direct to their desktop, to their email accounts, with alerts of news and happenings throughout the day.

Avention mobile solutions

Avention has extensive experience in the development and deployment of innovative mobility solutions (native iPad) for leading enterprise organizations to enable sales and prospecting, sales preparation and territory prospecting in a more visual environment.  With more employees using tablet-based platforms for daily tasks and call planning, our mobility solutions integrate all types of content (companies, executives, news and financials) into today’s real-time business environment - review an executive bio while waiting in the lobby or prospecting from the local WiFi hotspot.

Avention supports all mobility platforms including:

  • Mobility standards, like HTML5
  • Native (iOS and Android)
  • White label apps

Advisory consulting

For decades Avention has provided enterprises with data management, data integration, data governance and data optimization services. Avention provides domain expertise and technology advice for using your internal systems and Avention content to derive critical insights and leading sales indicators — moving your sales and marketing performance to the next level.