CRUSH Company Intelligence Reports

IT Sales Intelligence At Your Fingertips

CRUSH Reports are deep-dive account intelligence profile reports on the Fortune 1000s and the Global 500s. Each company report contains insights to IT Architectures, Business & Technology Initiatives, Organizational Structures, Corporate Strategies, Capital Expenditures & Budgets and Key-Decision Maker Contact Info.

Let CRUSH Do the Heavy Lifting for Your IT Sales Efforts!

We give you easy access to:

  • 1,000+ enterprise companies
  • 3,500+ org charts
  • 110,000+ IT & Business contacts
  • 4,000+ Business and Technology Initiatives,
  • 9,000+ technology products
  • 1500+ IT vendors

CRUSH Reports feature company profiles, accurate contacts, org charts, IT systems landscapes, strategies, major initiatives, projects and relevant news to help sales reps eliminate costly research time, jump-start sales cycles and drive new sales revenues faster. Avention℠ customers use CRUSH Company Reports to jump-start sales cycles in net new accounts, expand footprints in existing customer accounts, facilitate the strategic account planning process, respond to RFPs & bids more effectively, build better content into executive level presentations and identify the presence of competitors & partners.


CRUSH Reports Will Guide You in the Strategic Account Planning Process

Leading high-tech companies use CRUSH Reports for both sales and marketing purposes. Customers use the extensive company profile information in our CRUSH Company Reports to:

  • Significantly reduce research time
  • Uncover sales leads
  • Build a better sales forecast
  • Help drive new sales revenues
  • Build a strategic account plan
  • Identify competitors, partners and specific installed technologies

Enterprise sales reps use CRUSH Reports for jump-starting a new sales rep in a new target account, helping to build a strategic account plan and identifying decision-makers. Field Marketing reps use CRUSH Reports to build a competitive displacement campaign by quickly identifying a specific technology and exporting contact info and email addresses.