Avention For B2B Sales | Business Lead Generation & Qualification Tools

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Avention for Sales is a unique set of functionality created specifically for the needs of sales professionals.

Sales professionals are always looking for an edge, and Avention for Sales is that edge - providing more advanced analysis of business data than any other sales enablement application.

You can identify new company opportunities, get richer insights on more companies for smarter prospecting, and know when to engage for more effective selling.

And Avention for Sales works for you 24x7, listening, interpreting, weighing and scoring real-time company events and indicators to make sure you always have the most accurate, freshest company data to drive your business and the bottom line.

Avention for Marketing | Marketing Data & Business Contact Database List Building

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Avention for Marketing is a unique set of functionality created specifically for the needs of marketing professionals.

Every marketer knows that relevance is the key for meaningful messaging. And the key to relevance is defining the right match between:

  • Your offer
  • Your messaging
  • The audience

We have over 1000+ business characteristics that you can use to segment our business data to create the most detailed target audiences. And you can apply those characteristics to any of the over 25 million companies and 41 million professionals we track.

Avention for Marketing allows you to investigate new markets, identify new niches, and create the most targeted marketing campaigns to improve ROI.

Avention Marketing & Company Research

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Avention for Research is a unique set of functionality created specifically for the needs of research professionals.

Researching is easier when you have the most comprehensive repository of business information, accessible via a single interface, so we built that for you.

And we know that business information is only valuable when it's current and accurate, so Avention works for you 24x7, monitoring petabytes of data for any changes that could affect the companies and executives you're researching.

Avention for Research allows you to do deep-dive research on companies, identify core strategies, perform SWOT analysis, and check company fundamentals.

Avention Premium Reports

Avention’s unique combination of Conceptual Search, Business Signals, Ideal Profiles and SmartLists ensures you have the right data to accelerate your business.  Whether you are prioritizing sales prospects, using Avention to algorithmically fill your pipeline with ideal prospects, researching supply-chain candidates or comparing  acquisition targets, Avention provides the intelligence and analysis you need.

There are situations when you need deeper analysis and more detailed intelligence.  For these situation, we offer Avention Premium Reports.

Custom Data Solutions

Data Solutions is our offering for custom engagements and unique data needs. Solutions include offerings that are intended to complement and enhance our Avention℠, iSell and Global Business Browser products, as well as individual solutions designed to work with your existing company data through integration with commercial software and customized in-house solutions.

  • Custom data services
  • Custom application and interface solutions
  • Tear sheets
  • CRM and marketing automation integrations
  • Custom portal integrations
  • RSS and news feeds
  • Avention mobile solutions
  • Advisory consulting

Avention iSell

In order to stay on top of your sales numbers you need to know Who to Call, When to Call and What to Say™.

But you don’t need to cold call or throw darts on phone books to find the answers. With iSell, you’ll get instant access to the Best Record from over 60 data providers, along with thousands of news and industry feeds. Better conversations powered by full prospect intelligence.

Intelligent, automated and prioritized prospect lists. Unmatched sales intelligence. Intelligent, automated prioritization of your Dynamics and Salesforce sales prospect lists. Real-time sales triggers No training required. Get up and running fast. Will you be a statistic? Drive CRM adoption and increase return on investment.

OneSource Global Business Browser

OneSource Global Business Browser is a family of web-based business data subscriptions that can help increase the productivity, effectiveness and decision-making of your customer-facing organizations. Global Business Browser provides anytime, anywhere access to robust, integrated business intelligence — including corporate families, industries, key executives and financial data. Four regional editions help you pinpoint your best prospects, partners and suppliers anywhere in the world.

  • The choice of business information research.
  • The whole wide world of business data at your fingertips.
  • Broader global coverage than any other source.
  • Global Business Browser North America
  • Global Business Browser UK
  • Global Business Browser Europe
  • Global Business Browser Asia Pacific