iSell Business Contacts

Broadcast emails drive 18X LESS revenue than relevant emails.

– Jupiter Research

Better Quality. Bigger Quantity.

Avention™ iSell provides you with the up-to-date business information, prospect intelligence and personalized prospecting you need to laser in on the best opportunities and close more business. Avention iSell Business Contacts extends the power of iSell so you can target a broader range of qualified prospects to fill your funnel.


Buying generic lists and waiting for marketing to fill your pipeline are slow, expensive ways to not exceed your quota. Enhancing Avention iSell with iSell Business Contacts allows you to quickly identify a large number of highly receptive prospects and target your message to suit their needs. According to Forrester Research, B2B marketers identified ‘engaging key decision makers’ as their top challenge. Avention iSell Business Contacts helps you overcome that challenge. Avention iSell enables you to easily create highly targeted lists. And as Jupiter Research notes – highly targeted emails generate 18x more revenue than broadcast emails.


Avention iSell’s industry leading technology makes creating highly targeted and effective prospecting lists quick and easy. With iSell Business Contacts, a simple click lets you export the opportunities in your lists directly to Microsoft Excel (XLS) or comma- separated-values (CSV) text files. These formats represent the most commonly supported by mass email tools, marketing automation systems and CRM tools. Users of Avention iSell for CRM have the added convenience of syncing directly to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.


Avention iSell Business Contacts is the cost-effective way to fill your pipeline. Not only will you be able to target the right business prospects, but iSell Business Contacts will give you the best value in the industry.

iSell Business Contacts are pre-purchased in pools, giving you access to the contacts you need at once – while being in control of the cost. Plus, the more you buy, the better the deal. If you’re part of a sales or marketing team, the contacts in your pool can be shared by the whole team or your admin can control who can access the pool.

With iSell Business Contacts you can download, export, and filter up to 10,000 contacts at a time, including phone numbers and email addresses.