OneSource Enhances Classroom Experience at University of Florida Through Real-world Data

OneSource for Academic Research

OneSource is known for providing high-quality, well-organized and relevant data to companies looking to improve efficiencies in their sales and marketing departments. Yet OneSource also provides a wealth of value to its multiple, larger academic clients, such as The University of Florida (UF). As a long-standing customer of OneSource’s Global Business Browser North America (GBB) platform, UF has been able to provide thousands of students and faculty with research and teaching support.

Not Your Standard Business Library

UF’s business librarian, Peter McKay, has an important job. As part of his responsibilities at UF, Peter works closely on research and teaching projects with 6,500 Business Administration school students and 100 faculty and staff members. In addition to his regular tasks managing UF’s Online Business Library, Peter also collaborates with many other groups on campus, such as the Engineering College, Law School, Health Sciences Center, technology commercialization group on campus and the University Foundation, which handles research prospects.

UF began subscribing to OneSource approximately 20 years ago. At the time, GBB was fairly new to the market. By utilizing OneSource, Peter and the University have been able to equip students and faculty with valuable business information that is essential to their learning process. The real-world information on companies and industries that students are preparing to enter allows them to create mock scenarios and business strategies for individual and group projects or assignments, all of which are key to the learning process. Example reports often pulled include analyst and research reports, articles, biographies, company financials and filings, company information and industry information and statistics.

The high-quality industry and company data provided by GBB in the academic setting goes beyond classroom projects. According to Peter, “OneSource data is often used for conducting large university surveys, or with our entrepreneurial programs, such as Innovation Academy and Innovation Square, which bring UF technology to market. Industry information is imperative for us to maintain the start-up culture we’ve created within the university and greater city.”

OneSource Integration Helps University Sort Through Multiple Data Sources

In the academic setting, there is an ongoing need for diverse sets of data and information. One of OneSource’s major appeals for UF is GBB’s information integration and licensing with various publishers. According to McKay, “OneSource complements several of our other products and data providers. This is where OneSource stands out.”

“OneSource offers access to information in one easy to use, intuitive platform,” said McKay. “The ability for students and faculty to efficiently retrieve relevant information without needing my assistance has been tremendously beneficial for the university.” Further, OneSource allows for university students and faculty to access GBB through IP recognition, eliminating the hurdle of individual usernames and passwords for a large group of users.

McKay also recognizes how the data quality and search functionality of GBB differentiates it from other platforms. “Oftentimes, students and faculty will need to search in a specific way – such as by geography or a contact name. After the search is complete, users can easily retrieve a large amount of information and download it into a format that is ready to use. Alternatively, users can customize reports based on preference; this is unique to OneSource and has been a real advantage for us,” he added.

A Trusted Heritage with OneSource Leads to a Brighter Future

As a long-time customer of OneSource, McKay can say with confidence that OneSource was one of the first business companies to combine Internet-based applications. And OneSource has only continued to improve upon its capabilities over the years. According to McKay, OneSource has taken measures to dramatically increase its data on new and existing companies in the GBB platform, including those that are international in scope. Further, he appreciates the extra information available through OneSource that is often missed from similar platforms, such as a company’s organizational structure, subsidiaries and more.

Today, UF has thousands of users pulling several reports each time they utilize the GBB system. According to McKay, UF plans to use OneSource to provide excellent curriculum support to its students, and quality resources to its faculty.

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