The Product That Will Make Your Life 10000x Easier: iSell Business Contacts

Last week was an exciting one for me because I led a product launch that delivered functionality I know our customers want – iSell Business Contacts.  There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to say, “You asked for it, you got it!”, and know that what we accomplished will in turn help our customers be more successful.

iSell Business Contacts enables sales and marketing folks to work with OneSource’s email and direct phone data in more efficient ways – download it 10,000 records at a time to work offline or upload into another tool, or send it in bulk to their CRM.  It’s not rocket science, but this simple functionality enhancement will help our customers be more efficient and spend more of their time selling or marketing their own products or services.

Are you still with me?  Then I’ll dive a bit deeper into the details of this exciting release…

Remember when faxing was the big way to communicate (at least in the B2B world)?  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, email is the new fax.  While OneSource has had emails in our products for the past 6 years, this added functionality will increase the value of the email data to our customers.

There are 2 key components to this new functionality:

1) Export up to 10,000 records at a time to .xls or .csv, including emails and direct phones.

iSell’s powerful filtering capabilities help you hone in on those targets most likely to buy.  But what if you’re in Marketing and need to get that list you just created into your marketing automation tool or another internal system?  Or what if you’re ‘old fashioned’ and work your lists in Excel – adding custom data points or simply taking the list on the road when you’re offline?  Simply click “Export” and you’re on your way.




2) Send Contacts to CRM in bulk with emails and direct phone numbers.

OneSource iSell offers full integration with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.  Previous to this release, users could send contacts directly to their CRM, complete with duplicate checking, options for sending to Leads or Contacts, and many other robust features.  One thing you couldn’t do, though, was include the email and direct phone when you were sending contacts across multiple companies.  We knew our customers wanted this, but there were roadblocks that prevented us from enabling this functionality.  The roadblocks are gone, and now when you send contacts to Salesforce or Dynamics you can choose to include the emails and direct dials along with them, ensuring a complete, non-duplicate record is created in your CRM.





We never want to hide the value of our OneSource data behind our functionality; rather we want our functionality to enhance the value of our data.  With iSell Business Contacts, we’ve once again done just that.

Have questions for our product team about the new product offering?  Post them below!

Kristi Detweiler

Kristi Detweiler

Kristi Detweiler is a Product Marketing Manager at OneSource Information Services, Inc. She is a 15+ year veteran in the B2B space in a wide range of roles in both product and marketing. Kristi has a BS in Finance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an MBA from Babson College.
Kristi Detweiler
Kristi Detweiler

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