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Last August, I wrote a blog on sales triggers titled “Triggering Your Own Glengarry Leads” about trigger selling.  In it I quoted Craig Elias, one of the thought leaders on sales triggers and creator of Trigger Event Selling ™.  According to Craig, “Research shows that sellers who leverage Trigger Events are up to five times more likely to win the sale.”

OneSource will be hosting a webinar with Craig Elias, Dario Priolo (Chief Strategy Officer at Richardson), and Jim Tinney (Director of Channel Sales at OneSource) on January 28th titled “Prospecting with Insights”.  It’s a great opportunity to better understand trigger selling and how you can leverage sales triggers to personalize your messaging and improve the likelihood of establishing an initial connection with your prospects.

Sales Triggers provide real-time insights into who to call, when to call, and what to say™.  For example, congratulating an executive on a recent acquisition – particularly if you have experience with the acquired company or can leverage a referral from a former co-worker at the firm – greatly increases the odds of rising above the sales and marketing white noise.


Likewise, a venture capital funding round often kicks off a period of significant company investment in new staff, infrastructure, marketing, and IT platforms.  Furthermore, the announcements usually include a general statement about how the funds will be deployed, recent company metrics, and the appointment of a new Board member.  That is a broad set of talking points for your sales reps!

Some sales trigger categories flag broad opportunities at B2B firms.  These categories include M&A, executive changes, VC funding, hiring initiatives, and joint ventures.  Other triggers are more industry specific such as FDA approvals, credit score changes, security problems, and commercial real estate deals.  Today, OneSource provides forty categories of sales triggers (more than double its primary competitors) and will continue to add additional trigger types.  While most triggers are mined from news articles, websites, and blogs; OneSource also offers data change triggers based upon financials drawn from company filings.

Furthermore, the recent SalesQuest acquisition will improve their capabilities around IT oriented triggers.  Beyond deep platform and IT contact data, The SalesQuest Crush reports already include sections on project insights, IT strategy, quarterly earnings call extracts, and business drivers.

As sales triggers highlight breaking opportunities, they are built into the iSell “prospectability” score which floats the hottest leads to the top of a prospecting list.  Thus, sales reps are provided with a dynamic prioritization list that goes beyond company size or proximity.  OneSource delivers the prospectability sort in Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Oracle Fusion, web browsers, and mobile tablets.  They also provide a daily email alert displaying current sales triggers at target companies.

To learn more about event prospecting and messaging, sign up for the Prospecting with Insights webinar on the 28th

Michael Levy
Michael R. Levy is a contributing writer to our blog and the principal of GZ Consulting, a market research and competitive intelligence consulting firm based in Massachusetts. Michael founded the firm in February 2012 after leaving Infogroup where he was the Manager of Strategy and Competitive Intelligence. Michael focuses on information services including sales intelligence, CRM, data hygiene, and marketing automation.
Michael Levy
Michael Levy

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