How OneSource Copes with Creativity in the Quest for Contact Quality

When the CEO title is replaced by Big Kahuna, Chief Smarty Pants or Head Monster, and the human resources lead is now the People Person or the Peeps Master, it becomes increasingly difficult to locate the correct business contact where you expect to find them.  The same is true of the company hierarchy.  Is a Goddess ranked higher than a Guru?  And where do Tech Wizards and Code Monkeys fall?  These are just some of the tasks data providers face when dealing with contact titles in the creative internet age.

Everyone loves creative titles until you are trying to create of list of prospects to contact.  Yet, knowing a person’s actual title is an important piece of the ‘show-me-you-know-me’ sales environment. To strike this balance, OneSource collects a contact’s unique business-card title and maps it back to a proprietary function and level category schema.  This way you can quickly find your contact, understand what they do, and show them you know them by using their actual title (and hope it’s not embarrassing to say out loud).

To this end, OneSource embarked on a quest to enhance the population and mapping of contact titles to their appropriate groupings.   The project involved scrutinizing millions of contact titles housed within our database, identified on the web and provided to us by external vendors. We mapped or remapped to enhance searching and downloading as well as removed or renamed so that the result sets wouldn’t be mired with ambiguity.

The net result has been remarkable –   increasing counts in core functional groupings and shifting more than 2.5 million titles previously hiding in ‘Other’ into their appropriate homes.  The project also involved a significant investment in our Live Content platform, ensuring that job titles will easily transfer, according to industry whims, and remain as accurate as possible.

Combing through and categorizing millions of titles is a hefty undertaking and only those information providers seeking the best contact quality would take it on.  Admittedly, while reviewing titles was sometimes throw-your-computer-worthy monotonous, the sporadic bizarre title was more than rewarding (and likely appreciated by my IT manager, who, unfortunately, has the boring title of IT manager).  Grouped and categorized below are a few of my favorites – apologies if one actually belongs to you:

There are those suffering from a lack of self-esteem

Lowly Salesman

Corporate Information Technology Slave

Engineer – Worthless

And those who are not

Customer Solutions Engineer Intergalactic Superhero

Human Resources God

Handsome Creative Director

Those who have more fun at work than I do

Quality Assurance Manager, Ice Cream

Lego Builder


And those who need some fun

Dungeon Keeper

Expert in Murder

Deadly Agent

But my top 3 favorites (since they so aptly describe me post project)

Professor of Snarkology

Websurfer Senior Information Junkie

Data Testing Dead

Carol Lee
Carol Lee is a Senior Product Manager at OneSource, focused on content quality. She has a collection of unemployable degrees in literature from Boston College and Tufts University as well as an MLIS from Simmons. Carol has been analyzing data and developing software interfaces for the past 14 years in both the Information and Higher Education Research industries. As a mom to 2 kids and 2 dogs, when not having fun with data, Carol spends all of her free time driving to and from hockey and gymnastics and makes unsuccessful attempts at gardening.

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