Email Facts and Stats to Build A Killer Campaign

I’m often asked what a good email deliverability rate is.  Or how many people even use email anymore.  Or how to know how high your unsubscribe rate can be before it hurts your company’s reputation.  The answers to these questions are not simple and depend on many factors, including whether you are marketing to existing customers or prospects, whether you are using text or HTML, which country you are marketing to, and what your KPIs are.  There are people much smarter than I who have compiled statistics on what makes a good email, so rather than re-hash their expert knowledge, I thought I’d compile a “go-to” list of email stats you can reference for your next program.

Here are some stats and reports that I’ve found interesting or useful:

25 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats from SalesForce.  Variety of stats from open rates to subject lines to get you thinking about how to structure your email campaign.

15 Email Statistics That are Shaping the Future  from Jay Baer.  More stats to consider before beginning your email program.

Marketo B2B Email Marketing Success Kit from Marketo.  Everything you want to know about launching a B2B Email Marketing Campaign.

Email Statistics from PowerPro Direct.  Stats on Email Usage, Email Newsletters, Acquisition & Lead Generation, Email Design Quality, Email Costs and more.

Email Statistics Report 2013-2017 from the The Radicati Group, Inc.  This report brings together statistics and forecasts for Email, Instant Messaging (IM), Social Networking, Mobile Email, and Mobile IM usage. It includes data on both business and consumer usage.

Email Marketing Benchmarks from MailChimp.  While these stats are based on MailChimp customers, they are divided by industry and provide some useful data at a high level.

Modern Marketing Charts from Eloqua.  These charts offer more than just email stats and give an interesting view of many areas of a marketing program.

The Grande Guide to Email Deliverability and Privacy from Eloqua.  If you email internationally, this is especially important for you to read.  Don’t get caught by CAN-SPAM laws.  Do your due diligence to make sure you are complying with country communication laws.

Email Open and Click Rates from MarketingProfs.  This report talks all about email open and click rate trends and references Silverpop’s Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study. Among some 20 industries studied, the computer software and media and publishing industries were standout performers.

Do you have others you want to share?  Post them in the comments below.

Cari Zoch

Cari Zoch

Marketing Manager, Brand Communications & Social Media at OneSource Information Services
Cari has over 15 years of Marketing Communications experience and has spent the last 3 years focusing on the ever-evolving world of social media. Prior to joining Avention, Cari was the Global Social Media Manager at LifeSize, a Division of Logitech, and built their social media program from the ground up. Cari is an avid Longhorn football fan (yes, even this year!), and enjoys acting, spending time with her daughter, and taking advantage of all the wonderful outdoor activities Austin has to offer.
Cari Zoch
Cari Zoch

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