Do You Know Who’s Responsible For Your Data Quality?

Data Quality starts with the people who are making the decisions regarding the data you receive.  If you are lucky, these people will find the elusive data gem from the bowels of the internet while simultaneously weeding out the surrounding muck.

Meet the content team at OneSource.  70% of our staff members hold a master’s degree in library and information science.  The remaining 30% are seasoned business information professionals (who enjoy making fun of us for our student loans).  We are a group of people who are passionate about data: we collect, we categorize, we exclude, we enhance and we publish.

We represent the new breed of information professionals.  We didn’t cry when the card catalog was wheeled out of the building (well, okay, maybe a little), but rather embraced the vast wall-less library that the internet has become  and view it as a surmountable challenge to sift the good from the bad.  Our processes are constantly evolving.  As information professionals, we know that not all sources of data are equal, that legitimacy and context must always be questioned, and we are fearless in the face of Data marts.

We are using technology to integrate the best of all collection methodologies – seamlessly integrating both mined and licensed content.  Our machines are smart and get smarter all the time but they produce better quality results with educated human guidance.

Is the contact data on which you rely curated by information professionals?  Or is it sourced from people looking to sell their friends’ names and emails in order to gain a name and email back?  Is your information provider up to date on nuances related to trading versus registered addresses or is your address data coming exclusively from a sleepy college student copying data from company websites at 2:00am for $.03 per crowd sourced task?

Next time you question the quality that your current provider is demonstrating, ask them who is making their data quality decisions.

Carol Lee
Carol Lee is a Senior Product Manager at OneSource, focused on content quality. She has a collection of unemployable degrees in literature from Boston College and Tufts University as well as an MLIS from Simmons. Carol has been analyzing data and developing software interfaces for the past 14 years in both the Information and Higher Education Research industries. As a mom to 2 kids and 2 dogs, when not having fun with data, Carol spends all of her free time driving to and from hockey and gymnastics and makes unsuccessful attempts at gardening.

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