Customer Success and The Golden Rule

Customer Success is fast becoming one of the most talked about topics in business today. A whole industry has emerged around Customer Success and a plethora of (very good) websites, white papers, webinars, conferences, specialist technologies and companies exist to … Continued

Zen and the Art of Database Maintenance

The point of practicing yoga is not to get good at yoga, it’s to apply discipline in order to receive the benefits that practicing yoga brings. It’s about strength and flexibility, but the process is really uncomfortable. Similarly, the object … Continued

Get 15x More Meetings With Decision Makers

Earlier this week we hosted a webinar titled “Get 15x More Meetings With Decision Makers“.   I’ve done a lot of these webinars and, for some reason, this was one of my favorites.  One of the reasons is because I … Continued

Video Marketing: The Future is Now

    A common phrase that most people will recognize is “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This of course was usually associated with the idea that a picture describes something in much more detail than anything written could … Continued

Join us for #B2BDataLab, a New Twitter Chat from Avention

  Next week, Avention will launch #B2BDataLab, a new Twitter chat focused on the creative and innovative ways that business-to-business companies are using data to improve decision-making across the organization. The idea behind #B2BDataLab is to bring together salespeople, marketers … Continued

The Secret Key to Customer Loyalty

The secret key to customer loyalty: Entanglement The stakes are high when it comes to retaining current customers. Seminal work by Harvard researchers found that most companies lose 45% to 50% of their customers every five years, and that winning … Continued

Slippin’ into the Future: Research Tools

In my last blog, I provided a set of questions for sales management and sales operations to consider as we head into 2015.  The next few blogs will look at specific Avention capabilities and how they can be leveraged by … Continued

Avention Triggers Expanding in Scope and Number

Triggers are a valuable tool for all Avention users in identifying companies and contacts of interest, and the milestones that might prompt a sales call or targeted research.  We’re constantly working to improve the precision and accuracy of Triggers, while … Continued

Avention’s Top 12 Moments of 2014

From a rebrand to new leadership to a host of industry honors, 2014 certainly kept the Avention team on our toes. As the year draws to a close, here’s a look at our highlights from this very lively year: OneSource … Continued