Why Are We Still Paving the Cow Paths?

For two decades, I’ve heard stories about failed CRM implementations.  While firms have been getting better at implementing or addressing weaknesses in their CRM investment plans, there remain significant issues that drain CRM of its potential.  Furthermore, we are making … Continued

Is The Customer Always Right?

I’m sure we have all heard this phrase, “The customer is always right”. This originally used to confuse me. I mean… what if they actually are not right? What if they think the earth is flat? What if they say … Continued

Avention HQ Concord, MA

Today’s blog will be the final entry in our highlighting of the Avention offices around the globe. If you have been following us on social media you’ve seen an inside look into where our company functions all over the world. … Continued

SDSummit: Alignment, Paul Bundy, and the 67%ers

SiriusDecisions is always consistent about one thing in particular, the necessity of aligning Marketing, Sales, and Product to achieve the strategic goals of the business. In John Neeson’s keynote, he emphasized that 1% of success is about vision and 99% … Continued

Training as an Art Form

In November 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote the famous words: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes” but I would also extend this to include another certainty in life – “learning”. For as long … Continued