Marketing Lessons from Weird Al

Back in July, an odd thing happened – music parodist Weird Al Yankovic was at the top of the charts.  Except for a brief period a few years ago when my son discovered Weird Al’s Green Day spoof, “Canadian Idiot,” … Continued

What Google Forgot to Build

In yesterday’s blog, “Google Hints at a Better Way to Build Lists,” I discussed the limitations of taxonomic searching for industries.  Available since the 1930s, SIC and later NAICS codes were long the best way to build industry lists, identify company … Continued

Google Hints at a Better Way to Build Lists

The development of taxonomies as a classification system began in the mid-eighteenth century by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus.  His binomial nomenclature for organisms is still used today by homo sapiens and his approach to classification has been extended into other … Continued

Tools Versus Solutions

When looking to solve a problem, it is important to distinguish between tools and solutions.  A tool does one or two things very well, but is limited in its scope.  Tool developers often are younger companies looking to solve a … Continued

Honing Your Message

My daughter, who is interning this summer in our local Congresswomen’s office, came across a typical work frustration of new employees in the knowledge economy – the battle between the perfect and good enough.  In college, the goal is to … Continued

Why is Good Enough Good Enough?

Economists have long recognized that rational actors often take a good enough approach to decision making which results in sub-optimal choices.  Instead of collecting all the data, carefully reviewing it, and then making a decision; people collect some of the … Continued

Is Hope a Sales Strategy After All?

What is the most important thing in sales? In tribute to the World Cup, repeat after me: I… I Believe…. I Believe that….. I Believe that I will close this SALE! I Believe that I will close this SALE! I … Continued

That Dog Won’t Hunt

I have a confession. My dad used me as a squirrel dog when I was little. Take a minute to picture it: a short, dark, Cajun man in a forest sees a squirrel running, sends his little daughter to chase … Continued

7 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Last time I wrote about 6 Ways to Alienate Your Audience Through Email, voicing my irritation with certain email tactics and how they were likely to put people off rather than get a response. Today I want to focus on those companies … Continued