Tools Versus Solutions

When looking to solve a problem, it is important to distinguish between tools and solutions.  A tool does one or two things very well, but is limited in its scope.  Tool developers often are younger companies looking to solve a … Continued

Honing Your Message

My daughter, who is interning this summer in our local Congresswomen’s office, came across a typical work frustration of new employees in the knowledge economy – the battle between the perfect and good enough.  In college, the goal is to … Continued

Why is Good Enough Good Enough?

Economists have long recognized that rational actors often take a good enough approach to decision making which results in sub-optimal choices.  Instead of collecting all the data, carefully reviewing it, and then making a decision; people collect some of the … Continued

Is Hope a Sales Strategy After All?

What is the most important thing in sales? In tribute to the World Cup, repeat after me: I… I Believe…. I Believe that….. I Believe that I will close this SALE! I Believe that I will close this SALE! I … Continued

That Dog Won’t Hunt

I have a confession. My dad used me as a squirrel dog when I was little. Take a minute to picture it: a short, dark, Cajun man in a forest sees a squirrel running, sends his little daughter to chase … Continued

7 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Last time I wrote about 6 Ways to Alienate Your Audience Through Email, voicing my irritation with certain email tactics and how they were likely to put people off rather than get a response. Today I want to focus on those companies … Continued

Alchemical Dreams of Big Data

No matter how much the 16th century alchemists wished it otherwise, you can’t spin lead into gold.  Likewise, you cannot derive customer insights or segment your markets properly if you are flush with incorrect, out of date, and missing customer … Continued

Recap: The Three Best Times to Cold Call

Cold calling is always a hot topic and this week’s webinar was no exception.   Avention was joined by Craig Elias of SHiFT! Selling and Anthony Maddelena from PowerCall Global Training to discuss The Three Best Times to Cold Call. Craig focused on … Continued