Understanding Your Target Customer: Early Stages

For those that were able to attend yesterday’s webinar, this will serve as a nice recap for you.  For those that missed it, here are the highlights.  To watch the recorded webinar in its entirety, please register here. The reason … Continued

Profiling Your Best Customers

You already know that data about your best customers can be a source for clues about your best prospective customers, but what data should you be focusing on? A lot of options exist for finding the answers to what other … Continued

3 Steps for Sales and Marketing Alignment

How Sales and Marketing Can Align to the Customer / Prospect  How aligned is your company, specifically your sales and marketing team, with customers and prospects? There are multiple challenges that can make or break the success of your sales … Continued

Avention’s Four New Capabilities

As part of Avention’s launch, they provided beta access to a few industry analysts to obtain their feedback.  I was one of those lucky individuals to get a sneak peak at the future of sales and marketing intelligence.  It was … Continued