Timing is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing and sales. A prospect may be perfect in all respects, but if the timing is off, the deal goes nowhere.

How can you put data to work for you to ensure that timing works in your favor?

Avention℠ Triggers have been created to provide 24/7 vigilance, monitoring and sorting through multiple data sources, and letting you know exactly when the right time to contact a prospective customer is.

Your Problem

To simply record that an event occurred is nothing more than calendaring. That’s all that most alert features do, which is another way of saying not much at all.

How a business event is digested, how its implications are interpreted and which avenues are opened as a result are what's important to you and your company.

By their nature, Trigger events are dynamic, so relying only on historical data in your CRM system won’t be useful. Similarly, hoping that your programmatically scheduled lead-nurture activities align with emergent customer needs will cause you to miss too many opportunities. Using static “alerts” is structured, very literal and not time-sensitive.

CRM systems are effective for tracking historical interactions with customers and prospects. But analyzing historical activity doesn’t help you identify opportunities that are out there right now – signals and events that indicate a high likelihood to purchase, or a need of specific information and services.

Our Solution

Avention Triggers are different. They exploit our proprietary Conceptual Search℠ capabilities to generate intelligent cause-and-effect driven responses. They also can be configured to be proactive, based on changing market dynamics.

We utilize the world’s largest aggregate repository of real-time business data to identify and reflect business trigger events unavailable from any other source. Our platform listens to all the information that’s being shared digitally, and derives Business Signals℠ from the data. Using Conceptual Search algorithms, it doesn’t just scan for data points, but ingests the information contextually. That’s how it knows in what ways it’s relevant to your business, and when to act.

Because we interpret data based on our Conceptual Search logic, it can deliver results that are dynamic, accurate and with a nuanced, layered understanding of Business Signals, alerting you not only to the “strong signals” that you’ve told it explicitly to look for, but also “weak signals” that surface from analyzing data across traditional, media, web and search data sources. These weak signals uncover opportunities that you wouldn’t have looked for yourself, but indicate an opportunity to take action. Triggers take an event and understand it in context as a signal that your prospect’s needs have changed, allowing you to reach out and offer a timely solution to your prospect's new problem, not another mistimed sales call.

Triggers turn automated analysis of Big Data into alerts for your sales and marketing teams. Alerts make business information actionable and your responses more strategic, timely and targeted. Think of Avention Triggers as your forecasting tool, except its accuracy rate beats the weatherman’s by a pretty huge margin. And you’ll never be operating with yesterday’s weather report again.