SmartLists | Business Email Lists for Sales & Marketing

For years, prospects, business email lists and company profiles have been organized and delivered through simple segmentation using such attributes as company size, location and/or contact title and function. Requests such as...

  • "Find the marketing VP's in the High-Tech SIC code in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York."

... are common and the current state of the art. The results derived from this method are simple, static lists that are generally not granular or specific enough to be really useful, and certainly have a short "shelf life" before the data becomes out of date.

With SmartLists℠, Avention℠ customers can now build highly targeted sales lists that combine those traditional segmentation attributes such as location and number of employees with more advanced options that look at business behaviors such as executive change, product launch or M&A activity. By segmenting on the business characteristics featured in our Business Signals℠, you can be more targeted in creating your business list.

For example, with Avention you can say:

  • "Pull all of the CTOs in Texas who are involved with companies in the green energy space that have received recent venture funding."

  • "Give me companies in the aviation industry that are unionized and have experienced recent downsizing."

  • "List Directors of IT of New York companies utilizing e-commerce."

Avention's SmartLists take company list creation even further with our Ideal Profile Scores. We give you the ability to create an Ideal Profile℠ within the application and then we compare your criteria against all the companies and contacts in our global database to give you an Ideal Profile Score for each company or contact on your list. On a scale of 1-100, we can show you how closely a company aligns with your Ideal Profile, giving you a way to prioritize engagement with the contacts on your sales lists.

But even the best lists will become stale over time. People move, companies grow and shrink while business evolves. That's why we've introduced the concept of continuous hyper-segmentation with SmartLists which makes sure that the company lists you've defined are up to date, perpetual and evergreen.

As the list changes, you can even request to be notified. The result is an evergreen, perpetual list that is always up to date, always ready, always valuable. Think of it as your inbox for prospects. That’s Smart.