Sourcing & Dynamic Data Fusion

Information provides the foundation for meaningful connections with your customers. Much of your business strategy and insights about your market and your customers are distilled from an analysis of that information. So it follows that the accuracy of your data is fundamental to meeting your sales and marketing goals.

If yours is like most companies, the amount of information your business manages has been growing exponentially. In fact, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years alone.

While all of this data has helped businesses become more nimble, predictive and responsive, a solution that unlocks the potential of this information has been elusive.

Your Problem

This avalanche of information is known as Big Data, and the vast majority of businesses today are under exploiting its game-changing capabilities. According to the Gartner Group, poor data quality costs organizations $8.2 million a year on average. Squandered resources, missed opportunities and inefficient marketing all slice into your company’s bottom line.

And is the information you’re relying on accurate? Many platforms have customer verification systems, but none exist for B2B businesses that perform formal validation of all the data that directly or indirectly affects their company’s business and strategies.

What’s needed to really benefit from this whirlwind of information is a technical framework that defines, retrieves, and analyzes data within the precise context of your business.

That’s exactly what Avention,℠ Inc has delivered.

Our Solution

We give your company a platform that breaks through the noise to deliver real-time, accurate business data. We are the leader in business and market data delivery. We utilize more than 60 proprietary, high-value data vendors. No other business data library provides the breadth, dimension and scope of our repository. Our sources include information for:

  • More than 25 million global companies
  • Over 42 million contacts
  • 11 million verified email addresses
  • Real-time intelligence from:
    • 24,000 news sources
    • 23,000 publications
  • In-depth research and analysis
  • Editorial content
  • Deep web mining of billions of web pages, delivering key company & contact data
  • Company data linkage to improve data quality & standardization
  • Social Media data from premier social sites

In order to manage such a large volume of information from different, disconnected sources, a mechanism must be in place to validate the information, particularly with contradictory or redundant data. We leverage proprietary merging algorithms to do just this.

The process, called data fusion, uses sophisticated filtering and matching techniques to ensure your data is “the best of the best.” Our system delivers data that is consistent and reliable to a previously unachievable degree. It is an astounding technical breakthrough, and makes the prospect of putting all this Big Data to good use and driving significant business results much more achievable.

Data Fusion in Action

Reuters is a regularly updated, reliable source of C-level contacts, but does not supply emails or direct phone numbers.   We have other data partners that supply high quality emails and direct phone numbers, but whose C-level contacts are not as current.

As a result, we rely on data partners such as Reuters to supply the contact, and look to other data partners for supplemental information. Then, we mine the web for additional contact details, such as deeper biographies, employment histories, and affiliations to create the most accurate, robust record possible.

The point to remember is simple: Not All Data Is Created Equal. If you are retrieving your sales and marketing data from another system, the results are not as accurate as they would be were you using Avention. When you think about it, that is a pretty big deal.

Content and Source Providers

Avention gives you access to the world's leading repository of business information, and we brag about having over 60 premier data partners. Take a look at a list of some of our data and content providers, and you'll see why we're so proud!
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Enhanced Data Sources

The arsenal of data available from the Avention platform is one of its greatest strengths. The core repository supports access and analysis from more than 60 premier subscription data sources, and we're adding to it all the time:
  • Credit / Risk Data
  • Social Insights
  • Government / Institutional Data
  • Increased International Coverage
  • IT Data
  • Purchasing Intent & Sales Cycle Data
  • Startup & Venture Investment Data
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