Conceptual Search

Think about the Great California Gold Rush. Now imagine what it would have been like if the gold prospectors didn’t have the tools or techniques to mine and harvest that abundant gold.

Now think about business information and its value to your enterprise.

Did you know that 90% of the world’s business information has existed for less than two years? This explosion of business information offers entirely new opportunities to understand industries, companies, people and the topics they’re related to in ways that previously were not possible and in ways that can deliver new markets, customers and competitive advantage. But mining it? Now that is the challenge.

Avention℠, Inc. changes all of that! We collect, curate and organize the world’s foremost repository of business information from structured and unstructured sources. Then we fuse all that data together using a state-of-the-art data process called Live Content. Finally, we apply cutting-edge, natural language processing and semantic interpretation to process our database in ways that correlate industries, companies and people to topics and activities with a revolutionary feature we call Avention Conceptual Search℠.

Thinking Laterally, Not Just Literally

When you search within Avention, the system determines potential relationships in a way no other B2B platform can. Conceptual Search thinks laterally, not just literally, and allows a deeper, richer, broader understanding of the concept. Through comprehensive business definitions, proprietary algorithms and a massive business data repository, we deliver results with unequalled accuracy.

For example, if you searched for "green technology companies" on a typical search engine, one of the top factors determining what results are returned would be the use of the phrase "green technology companies" within documents.  If a document doesn’t contain those exact words or phrase, chances are it won’t be returned in your results.

Because we understand more complex relationships between concepts and entities like businesses and people, the Avention platform will return results for “green technology companies” that contain businesses that are involved in green energy and people who are involved in green energy.

Using Avention Conceptual Search, you can search business concepts most relevant and revealing to your business.

  • Are companies impacted by the latest government program good sales prospects?
  • Are companies expanding their use of alternative energy important for your marketing strategy?
  • Are biotech companies that are downsizing relevant to your recruiting?

Avention Conceptual Search answers these questions.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics engines employed by other B2B database vendors provide interesting data analysis, but are impeded from being a total solution by:

  • Limited data sources
    • Predictive analytics is traditionally applied only to data that exists in your CRM database
    • Your current and previous clients are necessarily a small subset of the total prospect universe
  • Limited analysis capabilities
    • The quality of the output is limited by the scope and quality of the input

Since predictive analytics is only applied to your own data set, you’re necessarily restricting the universe of potential results. Conceptual Search is applied to the entire “known universe” of business data we’ve aggregated.

Delivering Meaningful Results

Conceptual Search surfaces data in the context of what’s actionable for your business, providing the momentum to propel your business forward.

  • Static insights become predictive insights
  • Querying historical data becomes anticipating market movement
  • Building lists becomes recommending relationships
  • Uncovering facts becomes enabling action

Through understanding abstract ideas and relationships, Conceptual Search can uncover worlds of opportunity for you and your business.

Welcome to the new world of Avention.