Business Signals

Your business as a sales, marketing or research professional is to plumb new markets, make new sales, expand the profitability of your company and uncover information that provides the kind of insights that translates to long-term success for your company.

How you go about accomplishing these objectives is contingent on the resources available to you and how effective your solutions are. Buzzwords like Big Data, Web Mining or Predictive Analytics are all the rage, but how do they translate to quantifiable results for your business?

The answer is, not as much as you would like.

So What Are Avention Business Signals℠?

Business Signals score companies, industries and people against more than a thousand business criteria. Criteria like whether a company is doing business in Brazil, whether it is expanding or contracting, whether it has just closed a funding round, whether it is hiring or not. And Business Signals can be combined, weighted and ranked to help narrow down to just the companies, industries and people you want to target, creating highly accurate profiles for your sales, marketing and research needs.

 Business Signals Filters Caption


All 1,200 Business Signals and counting are scored against every company in our database. These scores measure business behavior, gleaned from press releases, news articles, website content, job postings, Internet search behavior, deployed technologies, spending habits and trends, and many other data attributes we find daily across the Web and from proprietary sources. Once we score a company we rank that score against all other companies in our universe and give Avention℠ users insight into whether or not a company is more or less likely to be engaged in certain activities than others.

Business Signals Screenshot A Typical Business Signals might include answers to questions such as:
  • Is a company growing? [Growth]
  • Is its workforce unionized? [HR]
  • Does it outsource its data center? [IT]
  • Is its debt load greater than its peer group? [Finance]
  • Do they rely on online e-commerce? [Sales]
  • Are they showing online research activity around Cloud Computing? [Intent]
  • Do they do business in Brazil? [Geography]

… and thousands of other very important characteristics and predictive markers.