Business Insights for Global Companies

We believe that the explosion of data should be enriching your work life, not threatening to overwhelm it.

Avention℠ presents a new way of looking at the world, because when data is presented in the right context, it can provide the business insight that helps you find the next partnership, close the next deal, and move your business and your career forward.

Our Conceptual Search℠ technology allows you to search in the same way you think – using abstract ideas and concepts, in addition to concrete facts – to understand new markets and uncover new opportunities.

We’ve classified over 23 million global companies and 41 million contacts against over 1,200 proprietary attributes we call Business Signals℠ that allow you to target the most detailed, granular and useful segments of the markets you work in.

You can use these signals to build Ideal Profiles℠ of customers, and then apply those profiles across the entire known universe of data, allowing you to uncover new business opportunities and find new partners in industries you may have never worked in before.

Use your Ideal Profile℠ to build SmartLists℠ that work for you nonstop 24/7, monitoring all these data streams for changes that are important to your business – understanding corporate financial earnings, executive changes, hiring freezes, geographical expansion, social executive linkage, product feedback and 1,200 other attributes. SmartLists update automatically so you will know when changes in a market impact one of your prospects, and create an opportunity for you to start a dialogue.

We make sense of the ever-expanding world of data and help turn it into strategic business insight that you can use to build the future of your company.

Conceptual Search

Conceptual Search allows you to search in the same way that you think — using abstract ideas and relationships, in addition to specific, objective facts. More importantly, Conceptual Search can uncover new business opportunities to help you make the next sale, find the next connection and move your business forward.

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Business Signals

Listen, interpret and filter through the data explosion to obtain the most detailed, granular and useful understanding of the markets you work in.

Business Signals are calculated metrics for over 1000 characteristics that businesses can have. Business Signals allow you to do deep-dive analysis of markets and companies, to a level of granularity never before possible.

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Timing is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing and sales. A prospect may be perfect in all respects, but if the timing is off, the deal goes nowhere. Triggers analyze the most current data streams so that timing works in your favor.

Avention Triggers provide 24/7 coverage, monitoring and sorting through multiple data sources, and letting you know exactly when the right time to contact a prospective customer is.

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Ideal Profile

Ideal Profiles allow you to create the most highly targeted personas of your ideal customers. You choose the characteristics that your "ideal customer" has, as well as how important each characteristic is.

Ideal Profiles are a representation of what's most important to you and your business, and this personalization means the advantage you gain in defining your perfect customer can't be replicated by your competition.

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SmartLists | Business Email Lists for Sales & Marketing

You have better knowledge of your customers than anyone else in the world. When you put that knowledge into SmartLists, they constantly monitor petabytes of data and refresh based on changing market conditions.

Your list of prospective customers will be updated with new businesses as they reach your criteria, and companies that no longer meet your qualifications will be removed. You always have the most current, most correct information available.

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