Sourcing & Dynamic Data Fusion

We source and deliver the world’s richest data set of business information:

  • More than 25 million global companies
  • Over 42 million contacts
  • 11 million verified email addresses
  • Real-time intelligence from:
    • 24,000 news sources
    • 23,000 publications
  • In-depth research and analysis
  • Editorial content
  • Deep web mining from billions of web pages, delivering key company & contact data
  • Company data linkage to improve data quality & standardization
  • Social Media data from premier social sites

Business Insights

Data alone won't take your business to the next level. Avention, Inc performs advanced analysis and interprets data to deliver strategic insights in a way that’s contextually relevant to your business.

  • Conceptual Search℠ allows you to search the way that you think using abstract ideas and concepts, in addition to concrete facts.
  • Business Signals℠ listen, interpret and filter through the data explosion and deliver you the most detailed, granular and useful understanding of the markets you work in.
  • Triggers provide 24/7 coverage, monitoring and sorting through multiple data sources, letting you know exactly when the right time to contact a prospective customer is.
  • Ideal Profiles℠ compare and contrast the universe of business information to identify and score data that is perfectly matched to your business.
  • SmartLists℠ continuously monitor all these data streams for changes that are important to your business, making your information accurate, evergreen and complete.

Multichannel Delivery

Mutli-channel delivery gives you the ability to use our application on your smartphone or tablet, and gives sales, marketing, and research professionals the freedom and flexibility to perform analyses and make rapid responses from the office or the airport.

Get the insights that drive your business decisions in the format that suits your needs:

  • Desktop
  • CRM Integration
  • Integrated API
  • Email / Mail
  • Bulk
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Marketing Automation